Labyrinth Lantern

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The Labyrinth Lantern illuminates the hallways, allowing a better observation of the surrounding area resulting in finding more clues.

Catching a clue-dropping mouse within the Labyrinth with the Lantern active will yield an additional bonus clue.

Requires Lantern Oil to use. When lit, the Labyrinth Lantern burns oil on every hunt.

Acquiring a Labyrinth Lantern

The Labyrinth Lantern can be purchased at the Labyrinth General Store in exchange for 33,333 gold. It cannot be refunded. Hunters may only own 1 Labyrinth Lantern.

Using a Labyrinth Lantern

The Labyrinth Lantern requires Lantern Oil to function.

The Labyrinth Lantern is armed from the HUD in the Labyrinth. When armed, mice in the Labyrinth will drop an additional clue.

The Labyrinth Lantern disarms automatically when Hunters enter Labyrinth Intersections.

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