MouseHunt Century Club

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MouseHunt Century Club (MHCC)

Because there is more to MouseHunt than points, they offer seasoned hunters a new challenge. Catching mice by the hundreds encourages hunting throughout the kingdom, radically changing the hunters’ perspective and goals, revitalizing the horn addiction. The word Century means 100 of something. Therefore, 100 of one breed of mouse can be called a Century. They rank their members by how many centuries they have caught, completely independent of the hunters' MouseHunt game rank.

Entry Requirement

Since new mice being added to the game is an ongoing thing, the requirement is to have 30% of all the mice caught 100 or more times. This does include the rare Event Breeds but not the 5 "prize" mice (Leprechaun, Mobster, High Roller, Snooty, Treasurer). The more mice added, the higher the number but the percentage will stay the same and will auto increase as more mice are added to the game. Current members below the standard will not lose their membership.


Founded - April 17, 2010