MouseHunt Cupcake Theme

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Earned from hard work and dedication during MouseHunt's Seventh Birthday celebration! Those who shipped 100 cupcakes are awarded with this cupcake-flavoured journal theme.
Earned by shipping 100 cupcakes during MouseHunt's 7th Birthday celebration!!

The MouseHunt Cupcake Theme is a Theme that changes a Hunter's journal's appearance on the Camp page to one with elements from MouseHunt's Seventh Birthday.

To equip this theme, a Hunter needs to have at least 1 MouseHunt Cupcake Theme Collectible in their inventory.

Current Way of Unlocking

MouseHunt Cupcake Theme
Larry's Loot Lexicon Top Image Bottom Image Thumbnail Image
Theme can be purchased from: See current Birthday event
Item Cost (Each)
MouseHunt Cupcake Theme 1,000 gold
1 Time Thread
1 Pausing Pin
1 Spacetime Spool
1 Paradox Pattern
1 Fabric of Time
Total: N/A

Previous Way of Unlocking

To unlock this Theme, a Hunter needs ship 100 or more cupcakes during MouseHunt's Seventh Birthday in 2015. 7,777 gold, 27 Red Birthday Cupcakes, 27 Yellow Birthday Cupcakes, 27 Blue Birthday Cupcakes, 7 Green Birthday Cupcakes and7 Rainbow Birthday Cupcakes

Alternate Images

History and Trivia

05 March 2015: The Birthday Journal Theme was introduced as part of MouseHunt's Seventh Birthday