MouseHunt Kitchen

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Come and learn the Secret Recipes of Crafting

The MouseHunt Kitchen (affectionately, MHK) is a MouseHunt fan group where new recipes for cheese and traps are crafted and tested.

This is the workplace for avid hunters who bring their new discoveries from far and wide to showcase their cheese concoctions to the resident chefs. Promises of hefty prizes ensure that the competition is always heated. The eagle-eyes of all the chefs-in-waiting quickly stem all kitchen fires before they become too wild. Severely scalded and scorched wannabe-cooks/hunters have been tossed out into the streets with nary a second look.

However, there is always much fanfare and celebration whenever a winning new crafted recipe is formed. All the lands rejoice together whenever a new trap or cheese is formed.

Even if you're not in it for the prize, you are welcome to join in the pleasantries of the outer-kitchen, where other hunters gather to chat and mingle. Or drop off a donation or two.

But beware. Fellow hunters may become impolite whenever a new recipe is announced. They might disappear from the Kitchen and be gone to sound the horn before you realize they left without a simple goodbye...

So if you can't take the heat, stay out of The MouseHunt Kitchen.