Mousevina von Vermin

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Mousevina von Vermin
Mouse Group: Shadow Clan
Mouse Statistics
Points: 5,000 Gold: 9,000
Location & Attraction Info
Required Power Types: Shadow Other Requirements: ??
Cheese: Crimson Cheese Charm: ??
Locations: Mousoleum Loot: Living Shard
Shredded Furoma Map Piece
Larry's Loot Lexicon: MouseHunt Info Page Image: Image Link
This wixen is wery dangerous! Not only can she wanish vithout varning, a hunter caught in her wision vill be frozen in their tracks. One bite vill conwert her wictim into a mindless ghoOoulish slave! Thankfully, ven she's around a trap, she's more interested in pilfering the cheese than hunting a hunter.
Mouse ID#: 351


Hunters can encounter the Mousevina von Vermin in the Mousoleum only.

Hunters must capture the Mousevina von Vermin in the Mousoleum location in order to obtain the Shredded Furoma Map Piece.

The Shredded Furoma Map Piece allows Hunters to access the Training Grounds location.

Hunters can take the Shredded Furoma Map Piece to the Bazaar Cartographer to repair it and obtain the Stitched Furoma Map Piece which allows Hunters to access the Dojo, Meditation Room, and Pinnacle Chamber locations.

Event Participation

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