Moustachio the Charmer

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Moustachio the Charmer is a wise researcher and retired trapsmith. As a young trapsmith, Moustachio was a trusted friend of the King. Upon retiring from the trapsmith profession, Moustachio went on a journey to research a new type of trap component he called Charms. After years of research, Moustachio has successfully perfected this new trap component and has returned to Gnawnia where he now resides in the Mountains and sells his charms to hunters.

History and Trivia

He was first mentioned in the description of the 2010 Ronza Voucher, which was dropped by the Squeaker Claws Mouse upon its release on 23 December 2010. The spelling initially used was "Mustachio".
Moustachio's Charm Shoppe was introduced in the Mountain on 12 January 2011 , the first day of Ronza's 2011 visit.
On 25 January 2011, Moustachio released Charm Pack #1 as he shared his secret to crafting Charms.

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