Squeaker Claws

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The Squeaker Claws is an Event Mouse found during the annual Great Winter Hunt event.

Squeaker Claws
Mouse Group: Event Mice (Great Winter Hunt)
Mouse Statistics
Points: 21,340 Gold: 4,745
Location & Attraction Info
Required Power Types: All types Other Requirements: See current Great Winter Hunt location
Cheese: See current Great Winter Hunt location Charm: See current Great Winter Hunt location
Locations: Great Winter Hunt Loot: See current Great Winter Hunt location
Larry's Loot Lexicon: MouseHunt Info Page Image: Image Link
You better watch out! This sinister villain is bent on putting an end to all festive celebrations. What could be more horrifying than a massive, snarling mouse made of gooey, spoiled eggnog that is bent on destroying anything that remotely resembles happiness?
Mouse ID#: 291

Finding Event Mice

Information on how to locate and capture Squeaker Claws can be found on the current Great Winter Hunt location page.

History and Trivia

  • 23 December 2010: The Squeaker Claws was released on as part of the Great Winter Hunt 2010 event.
  • 24 December 2010: During Feed-Bake-Friday it was revealed that the Squeaker Claws is a 'little extra juicier' in terms of leveling up in hunter rank; it adds a little more percentile than other mice worth a similar amount of points.
  • 31 December 2010: During Feedback Friday it was confirmed that the amount of experience points gained from the Squeaker Claws is almost the same as from a Mystic Bishop or Technic Bishop in Zugzwang's Tower.
  • 13 December 2016: The points/gold for Squeaker Claws were changed.