Mysterious Box

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A box made of strange, unrecognizable metal with ornate etchings upon it. A barely audible humming seems to be emanating from the corners as though the metal is vibrating at an unmeasurably high frequency.


Mysterious Box is dropped by the Acolyte Mouse in Acolyte Realm. It is placed under the Special inventory tab.

Boxes contain a Frozen Scroll and one of the following items:

Item Quantity
Acolyte Relic (125,000 points) 1
Ancient Potion 8-12
Fire Salt 6-12
Magic Essence 20-40
Rumble 60
Rune 24-40
Runic Potion 8-12
Satchel of Gold (50,000 gold) 1
Stale Cheese 128-198

History and Trivia

Before MouseHunt updated to Version 3.0 on 8 June 2010, Acolyte mice did not keep their Frozen Scroll inside their Mysterious Box. Instead, they dropped both a Frozen Scroll and a Mysterious Box with just the random contents. These boxes are now referred to as "Mysterious Box (old)" in a hunter's inventory and contain the following additional text as part of the description: "This box looks especially old, from a time the Acolyte mice did not store Frozen Scroll within Mysterious Boxes.".


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