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Patch Notes for December 15, 2021

  • Fixed "infinite travel" when manually clicking the Travel button for the Festive Comet

-- Giorgio Sintichakis

Patch Notes for December 13, 2021

  • Removed extra “Station” from GWH journal entries

-- Giorgio Sintichakis

Patch Notes for December 9, 2021

  • Fixed typo in the Jingling Glazed Gift Basket description
  • Fixed Daily Loyalty Chest not giving Great Winter Hunt rewards when not at the Festive Comet

-- Giorgio Sintichakis

Patch Notes for December 8, 2021

  • Updated description of Festive Anchor Charms to remove GWH elements
  • Fixed broken tooltip buttons for Festive Jingle Bells
  • Added missing tag to Gloomy Greenwood Journal Theme
  • Added missing tag to Raw Diamond collectible
  • Fixed spacing issue in some journal themes

-- Giorgio Sintichakis

Patch Notes for December 7, 2021 (#2)

  • Naughty and Nice maps have had their consolation mode disabled until after the event ends
  • M.I.L.K. and Cookies Journal Theme has been added to the Festive Comet General Store
  • Jingle Bells are now giveable to friends
  • New trap skins are now tradable / giveable
    • Icy Chrome School of Sharks Trap Skin
    • Snowball Sentinel Trap Skin

-- Franco D'Auria

Patch Notes for December 7, 2021

General Patch Notes

  • Number of premium items you currently own is now displayed within the detailed item view of the Premium Shop
  • You can now report advertisements via a "Report Ad" link below ad banners
  • Fixed an issue causing occasional unresponsiveness in the Floating Islands Workshop HUD
  • Daily Loyalty Chest info popup now shows you what your most recent loyalty chest gave you
  • Hunter IP addresses are no longer present within XHR data
  • Fixed an issue that would cause an infinite loading state when trying to accept a stale and invalid treasure map invite
  • Renamed "Scroll, Posters, Assignments" subcategory in the Special inventory to "Adventuring Items" to match the mobile app
  • Renamed "Vintage" subcategory in the Special inventory to "Vintage Items"
  • Several items in the Special inventory were recategorized into Currency, Equipment, Resources, and Tools to better fit how hunters interact with them
    • Currency are items that can be spent in the Shops
    • Equipment are items that have an effect on your HUD, Trap, or hunting abilities
    • Resources are items that can be spent directly in various HUDs and have limited or no use in Shops
    • Tools are items that hunters can interact with and have a special popup view
  • When hunting in Balack's Cove, the HUD will now update the item quantities of Pinch of Annoyance, Raisins of Wrath and Bottled-Up Rage when found
  • When hunting in the Forbidden Grove, the HUD will now update the item quantities of Runes when found
  • The Town of Gnawnia bounties HUD will now correctly mark all mice as being caught when all bounties have been completed

Mobile Patch Notes

  • Crafting popup description for Cloud Cheesecake has been updated to no longer include the incorrect messaging about repelling Cloud Commoners
  • Fixed (again) incorrect Power Bonus mentioned in crafting popup for Extra Rich Cloud Cheesecake
  • Updated the Passing Parcel interface to be more user friendly and removed the broken link that was being rendered in the popup
  • Updated mobile journal entries for purchasing premium items and making Adventure Book progress with some proper styling
  • The Hunter's Tasks button for Great Winter Hunt has been given more contextually appropriate messaging:
    • When standard cheese is armed, it will display your Pecan Pecorino bait quantity
    • When any variety of Pecan Pecorino or other event cheese is armed, "Collect Golem Parts" will be displayed
    • When you have enough parts to send out a golem, "Build Golem" will be displayed
    • When there is an active golem, "Golem Returning: X Hunts" will display the number of hunts remaining for the golem with the fewest hunts left
    • When a golem returns, "Claim Reward" will be displayed
    • When you have enough Compressed Cinnamon to stoke the engine, "Stoke Engine" will be displayed
    • When you are at Ol' King Coal's Factory, "Capture Ol' King Coal" will be displayed

Great Winter Hunt

  • Added a counter to track number of vists when selecting an environment to send a golem
  • Equalized golem part drop rate when a decoration is equipped to be the same as without a decoration equipped
  • Stuck Snowball Mouse catches will update the scoreboard properly even during the shutdown phase after the event ends

Snow Golem Updates

  • Floating Islands golem loot has been updated with some Sky Palace items
  • Festive Summoning Bells no longer function as before and now smash into 25 Festive Jingle Bells instead of 15 SUPER|brie+


  • Empyrean Javelineer Mouse is now properly affected by the Dragonbane line of charms

-- Franco D'Auria