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Patch Notes for January 31, 2022 (#2)

  • Fixed the Living Shard Crafting Item so it can be double/tripled with Lunar Lantern Candles

-- Joshua🥽 Silveira

Patch Notes for January 31, 2022

  • Fixed cheese crafting in the Floating Islands HUD to correctly display crafting values
  • Added text-to-speech accessibility in the mobile app for Hunter Profiles, mice, Floating Islands HUD, and shops
  • Fixed issue causing Facebook friend request to occasionally get stuck on loading
  • Fixed issue where search box within the mice section would occasionally disappear
  • Mobile widget now correctly informs hunters when they are out of bait
  • Adjusted placement of warnings in Valour Rift HUD to not obscure floor number
  • Fixed trap image alignment issues on mobile
  • Fixed Soul Catcher and Soul Harvester trap displaying two overlapping Limited Edition badges
  • Soul Harvester now glows when being viewed in high resolution while in a location where it receives its +10 Luck bonus
  • Fixed Golem Guardian skins to correctly display their stats on mobile
  • Fixed bug causing friend request button on Hunter Profiles to occasionally not work
  • Corrected missing journal entry when capturing Icewing
  • Costumed Tiger mouse has been given an updated illustration
  • Fixed trap library icon misalignment in the Floating Islands
  • Fixed issue where the accept button would appear after sending a friend request
  • Increased spacing surrounding the 'Back' button on mobile to make navigation easier
  • Fixed missing Sky Palace ore and glass deposit tool tips in Floating Islands HUD
  • Updated S.S. Huntington IV map piece to reference the correct adventure rank and adventure
  • Adjusted spacing of Adventure Book thumbnails on mobile to be consistent for all adventures

-- Joshua🥽 Silveira

Patch Notes for January 24, 2022

  • 2021 Halloween adventure is now hidden from the Adventure Book if it was not completed

-- Giorgio Sintichakis