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Patch Notes for September 27, 2022 (#2)

  • Fixed issue with Farming and Fishing Scroll Case not appearing in "My Map Scrolls" on mobile
  • Restored scoreboards from a recent local backup after minor blip caused them to disappear for about 31 minutes
  • Spotted Glitchpaw mice roaming the lands

-- Giorgio 😎 Sintichakis

Patch Notes for September 27, 2022

Folklore Forest

  • Reordered the HUD warnings so that power type warnings appear before bait warnings
  • Removed the "No Bait" warning from the mobile HUD
  • Changed the suggested cheese types in the standard cheese selector on mobile to match the same types suggested on browser
  • Modified the SUPER|brie+ cheese selector on mobile to mention the correct SUPER|brie+ mouse in each location
  • Fixed an incorrect CSS property preventing box-shadow properties from being displayed on Folklore Forest browser popups
  • Fixed a bug that was giving an incorrect bait warning when using certain types of standard bait
Foreword Farm
  • Reordered the plant types in the Manage Plots popup on browser to match the order shown on mobile
  • Modified the Manage Plots popup on browser and mobile to show all items yielded from harvesting each plant type
  • Added a descriptive tooltip to the Pest Meter on the browser HUD
  • Changed the mobile HUD button to display plant types in each plot and catches remaining until the next plant finishes
  • Adjusted the positioning of the harvest bin tooltip on the browser HUD
  • Changed the quantity of ingredients refunded after uprooting a plant to now return a percentage of the ingredient cost relative to the plant's growth progress
  • Updated the Larry's Tips to mention the new Twisted Parable Papyrus Plants
  • Added Monstrous Midge Catches and Twisted Parable Papyrus Plants Completed to the scoreboards
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause parts of the browser HUD to not update properly when a plant is added or removed
  • Made Brainstorm Chum smashable with the Hunter's Hammer back into Pond Pennies and Gold
Prologue Pond
  • Added a display to the HUD to show the item and quantity range currently being looted based on cheese and chum state
  • Changed the mobile HUD button to display chum state, chum quantity, and the quantity for the item currently being looted
  • Allowed Brainstorm Chum to be enabled regardless of the currently armed cheese type or when no cheese is armed
  • Added a HUD warning to the Prologue Pond when Brainstorm Chum has been activated with an incompatible cheese type
  • Removed the automatic disabling of Brainstorm Chum when changing or disarming cheese
  • Removed the automatic disabling of Brainstorm Chum when traveling to the Prologue Pond with an incompatible cheese armed
  • Added a failsafe to not consume a piece of Brainstorm Chum if the player takes a hunt with it while using an incompatible cheese
  • Updated the Brainstorm Chum state assets on the Prologue Pond HUD on mobile
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Craft button for Brainstorm Chum to always appear lit up
Table of Contents
  • Modified the library popup on mobile to show all zero values before any books have been written
  • Added the ability to choose what happens to a player's bait after publishing a book
  • Modified the mobile HUD button to display the volume number when writing an Encyclopedia
  • Modified the mobile HUD text to display "Vol." instead of "V." when referring to Encyclopedia volume number
  • Fixed a bug on the mobile HUD that would sometimes display an incorrect word count for the current book
  • Fixed a bug that displayed an incorrect quantity of Condensed Creativity looted in the loot summary after publishing a book

Other Changes

  • Added a Potions category to the Marketplace on browser
  • Tweaked the image for the Soiled Base to improve how it looks with traps that have a background
  • Updated the purchasing/crafting popup on mobile to show the quantity owned for each item cost/ingredient
  • Added the ability dismiss tooltips on mobile by tapping outside of them
  • Added Rainbow Spore Charms as a possible spawn from an Unstable Charm
  • Removed Cackle Charms, Shamrock Charms, and Freshness Charms as possible spawns from an Unstable Charm
  • Fixed a bug in the Premium Shop that was removing the quantity being purchased for items that had only one quantity option
  • Added mobile journal support for low resolution displays

-- Norman Hussey

Patch Notes for September 14, 2022

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the contents of an opened treasure chest from being displayed after clicking the "Open It Now" button

-- Giorgio 😎 Sintichakis

Patch Notes for September 13 #2, 2022

  • Fixed issue with Larry's Loot Lexicon not updating the address bar when an item in the Hunter's Journal was clicked

-- Giorgio 😎 Sintichakis

Patch Notes for September 13, 2022

  • Added close button to top-right of Premium Shop
  • Payment gateway selection in Premium Shop is now selected at checkout
  • Back button in Premium Shop now appears in the top-right when viewing an item or reviewing cart
  • Changed "Checkout" button to "View Cart" and "Place Order" buttons in their respective parts of the Premium Shop
  • Removed secondary "Checkout" button at the top of the Premium Shop
  • Simplified cart summary interface in Premium Shop
  • Payment terms of service now open within a popup when accessed via the Premium Shop
  • Checking out via PayPal no longer directs players away from the game and is completed within a popup
  • Order summary after checkout now appears within the Premium Shop where players can easily open Supply Kits and view item details
  • Should a purchase be cancelled or experience an issue better messaging and help buttons appear in the Premium Shop
  • Added confirmation step when completely removing an item from the cart in the Premium Shop
  • Journal entries for Premium Shop purchases now include a link to a receipt
  • Updated Lexicon layout for baskets and kits to use a larger image and better display any associated Aura(s)
  • Fixed but that would occasionally prevent a limited-time promotional bundle or item from being able to be removed from a player's cart

-- Dave Vanderburg

Patch Notes for September 7, 2022

  • Fixed display issue with wall damage journal entry in Fort Rox

-- Giorgio 😎 Sintichakis