Prize Power

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This article contains information on features which have been removed from MouseHunt. It is kept here for historical purposes only, and may no longer be accurate or relevant to current gameplay.

Prize Power was an ancient magic used to attract certain types of mice. The power of this magic has all but fizzled and it no longer has the same effect as it once did.

The original description was:

Mmmm... Prize Power! Prize Power increases your chance of encountering a prize mouse! Good luck!

During the King's Giveaway event in November 2010, players worked to gain Prize Power in order to attract various Prize mice. A hunter's Prize Power was shown in the heads-up display, and started at 0 at the beginning of the event.

Prize Power could be increased in several ways:

Prize Power was reset to zero upon successfully catching a Prize mouse.

After the event ended the remaining Prize Power was moved to the player's Inventory under Special.

In 2014, Prize Power was removed from all players' inventory, even for players that had not caught a Prize mouse; and the developers have stated it will not be reintroduced. Currently there is no use for Prize Power in the game and Prize Mice can be attracted regardless of how many Prize Power a hunter has.