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Event Mice (Prize) refers to mice that give or used to give a real world prize to hunters when caught. Prize mice never appear in the Meadow. They do not belong to a specific season or event, but they are not always available.

Catching a Prize Mouse creates a bonus hunt entry in the Hunter's Journal:

[Time] - [Location]
Lucky me, a prize mouse wandered by and fell for my trap!
I caught a [weight] [mouse name] before it could even touch my cheese!
The mouse dropped the following prize:
[Loot Item]

Missing one creates the following entry:

[Time] - [Location]
Shoot! A prize mouse was nearby but didn't set off my trap!
The [mouse name] scampered off without coming near my cheese.

Preferred Cheese

As of 11 November 2015, Prize Mice do not consume cheese or charms when attracted or caught.

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