PuzzleTrap Block

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PuzzleTrap Block

A colourful block from the world of MouseHunt PuzzleTrap! Pop open the block and see what's inside!

Play MouseHunt PuzzleTrap and solve puzzles to further explore the vast lands of Gnawnia and beyond! Take a trip through MouseHunt’s lore in a new and exciting way!

Get it on Google Play: http://htgb.co/MHPuzzleTrapAndroid

Available on the App Store: http://htgb.co/PuzzleTrapApple

Pop this item to discover new loot!


PuzzleTrap Blocks may contain one of the following items:

  • Cheese - One piece
  • Charm - One charm
  • Misc. - One item


  • 10 June 2016: PuzzleTrap Blocks were introduced for a limited time to promote the MouseHunt PuzzleTrap phone app.
  • 23 November 2016: PuzzleTrap Blocks are again available to promote the new chapter 4 release to the MouseHunt PuzzleTrap phone app.


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