Ronza's Traveling Shoppe December 2008 Second Visit

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Ronza stops in from time to time, bringing MouseHunters new and fancy trap components from other parts of the world. Little is known about her origins, and she never stays very long. The King allows Ronza to make port near the castle, to sell her goods. Perhaps the more she visits, the more we will find out about her...

Ronza arrived 31 December 2008 and left 05 January 2009.

A list of previous visits can be found here: Ronza's Traveling Shoppe (disambiguation)

Description and Requirements

Ronza's Traveling Shoppe is a special location, a large blimp that occasionally becomes available for hunters to visit and purchase special supplies. The merchant, Ronza, is a mysterious woman of unknown origin. When this ship lands, anyone who has access to the region in which she lands can visit her shop provided they have the gold to travel there. Her shop will show in the list of locations for the region where she lands just like any other location, and you travel there in the normal way. A minimum rank of Recruit is required to access the Ronza's Traveling Shoppe. Note that if Ronza lands at a place not accessible to new hunters, they would not be able to access it. For example, a Novice hunter cannot access Ronza's Traveling Shoppe if it is located in the Furoma region as (s)he does not have the maps and the title.


The following Shoppes are available at Ronza's Traveling Shoppe

Cheese Shoppe

Cost Ea.
Swiss 100 100

General Store

Item Cost Ea.
Splintered Wood 175 N/A


Limited Edition items will never be offered again. Once Ronza leaves, the opportunity to purchase those items is over.


Item Cost Ea.
Points Required
to Equip
Polar Base
Limited Edition
59,550 10,719 90,000

Hunting Tips by Larry

Her name can cause both excitement and high blood pressure: Ronza!
Ronza is a traveling merchant that occasionally visits Gnawnia with all sorts of goodies. Make sure to visit the Trapsmith, Cheese Shoppe and General Store to see what she currently has for sale.
Be careful of how much you buy. You may find yourself unable to refund any excess wares.

History and Trivia

  • On 3 January 2009, the following was announced: "Ronza was all set to take off but still needs to recuperate from the party, she plans to leave on Monday."
  • On 5 January 2009, the following was announced before Ronza's embarkment: "A few determined hunters seem to be holding Ronza's ropes to prevent her take off. Hurry, before she cuts the lines!!"


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