Sky Pirate Swiss Cheese

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Sky Pirate Swiss Cheese
Category: Floating Islands
Cheese Info
Cost: 1 piece for
2,000 gold
20 Corsair's Curd
2 pieces for 20 Corsair's Curd
1 Magic Essence
Shoppe: Floating Islands
Potion: None
Craftable: No
Tradeable: Yes
Giveable: Yes
Smashes To: N/A
Stales To: Stale Cheese
Larry's Loot Lexicon: MouseHunt Info Page
Image: External Link
A secret recipe stolen from a prestigious affineur that normally creates a rare form of blind swiss with a twist! Churning Corsair's Curd in a cannon full of pistol shot, hanging just above sea level, creates this swashbuckling swiss full of eyes that reek of gunpowder and the briny sea air. Dressed in a tricorne hat and eye patch to reflect the pride that the pirates put into their work... and their lack of financial literacy.

Arm this villainous cheese to attract Sky Pirate mice on islands after discovering a Sky Pirate Den!

Obtaining Sky Pirate Swiss Cheese

Cheese Shoppes

1 piece of Sky Pirate Swiss Cheese is available for 2,000 gold and 20 Corsair's Curd
2 pieces for 20 Corsair's Curd and 1 Magic Essence
from the Cheese Shoppe in the Floating Islands

Using Sky Pirate Swiss Cheese


Sky Pirate Swiss Cheese can be used with a high degree of success in these locations:


Sky Pirate Swiss Cheese will attract mice throughout the Floating Islands on islands which have the Sky Pirate Den buff active.

  • Sky Pirate Swiss Cheese is required to attract all mice in the Sky Pirate category.

Staling Effect

  • Stale Cheese - Produced by Sky Pirate Swiss Cheese when it fails to attract a mouse and goes stale.

History and Trivia

  • 8 September 2020: Sky Pirate Swiss Cheese was released with the introduction of the Floating Islands.