Sugar Rush Aura

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The Sugar Rush Aura is a trap bonus that can be earned during the annual Halloween event. It is represented by a wrapped candy image in the upper left of the main trap image on the Camp page.


Hunters are awarded the Sugar Rush Aura upon opening a Magical Pillowcase.

It provides a 10% Power Bonus to the Hunter's trap throughout the Kingdom. It also boosts the effects of the Candy Charm.

While active, mice throughout the Kingdom may drop Spooky Shuffle Tickets and Candy Charms as loot.

Each Magical Pillowcase opened will reward 48 hours of the Sugar Rush Aura. The aura's duration time stacks and the aura's time will be extended each time Hunters open an additional Magical Pillowcase.


The Sugar Rush Aura was introduced as part of the Halloween 2016 event.