Sunken Treasure Crate

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A treasure crate keeping the Treasure Keeper's keepsakes safe and secure. Used to store and separate his holdings from the Queens.
Inside you will find an assortment of common treasures found while diving at the Sunken City.

A Sunken Treasure Crate was dropped by Treasure Keeper and Treasure Hoarder mice during the Sunken City Bonus Loot mini-event. It is placed in the Special inventory tab.


Each Sunken Treasure Crate contains 10 Treasure Trawling Charms and 10 Sand Dollars, and additionally contains one of the following items:

Item Quantity
Barnacles 6-20
Damaged Coral Fragments 6-20
Mouse Scales 6-20
Ultimate Anchor Charm 1

History and Trivia

The Sunken Treasure Crate was released on 20 July 2015, for the Sunken City Bonus Loot week.


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