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The correct link to the MouseHunt ToS is: Rules of MouseHunt

A C&P of the Rules are here:

MouseHunt Help and SupportReturn to Support Rules of MouseHunt This page gives an overview of the rules of the game. Please read them carefully, violating any of them could result in your losing access to the game and earn you a stay in the King's Stockade.

For a more indepth explanation of these rules please see our terms of service.

Do not use scripts or other software to gain an advantage Players are forbidden from using any scripts, programs, browser add-ons or other types of software to gain an unfair advantage in the game.

Thus includes, but is not limited to the following types of software:

Anything that refreshes the page automatically Anything which sounds the horn automatically or while the player is not at their computer Anything that downloads or 'scrapes' content from our website Anything which attempts to exploit a flaw in the game to give the player an advantage over others Anything which automatically creates messages or posts on the website Please be aware that each player's gameplay is monitored for using automated page refreshers or other scripts. Accounts are automatically disabled upon the detection of scripts or software being used to sound the horn.

Do not knowingly exploit a bug Should you find a bug, glitch or other unexpected behaviour within the game that gives you an advantage within the game you must immediately report the problem via the technical section of the support page and must stop re-creating the unexpected behaviour or problem. Players who knowingly exploit a bug, glitch or problem in the game will have their account disabled indefinitely.

Your MouseHunt accounts may not interact in any way Should a player be in control of more than one account, no more than one account may connected to a Facebook account, and the accounts may in no way interact with one another. Interaction includes, but is not limited to:

Being friends or linked in anyway Sending gifts, supplies, or transferring items in any way Being a part of the same team, group, or guild Joining the same tournament or any sort of competition, even on different teams, or a part of different groups Knowingly purchasing a marketplace posting which was posted by another account in their control Contributing towards a shared, or global goal Note that the above list is not an exhaustive list of all possible interactions and that it is up to the sole discretion of the game's administrators to determine if two accounts controlled by the same person have interacted.

Only you may login to your account(s) It is your sole responsibility as a player to keep your login credentials secure at all times. You may not share login credentials with anyone or allow them access to, or control over your game account at any time.

Respect fellow players When using player-owned message boards, forums or any other area of the game where text or messages can be entered players must refrain from attacking, insulting or harassing other players as well as refrain from using derogatory language.