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Good day, Editor. How would you like to browse Template:Shops?
Please remember that this template follows HTML coding instead of wikicode syntax due to technical restrictions: tables end with "</table>", NOT |}!
By Locations
for editing multiple shops in a location
By Shop Type
for editing multiple locations for one shop type
By Items
for adding/removing/editing rows of shop tables
I want to view all the shop templates
You can head to the Table page!
None of the above
You're probably looking for the TableHeader or the TableRow template, aren't you?
WARNING: these templates should NOT be edited without editor consensus. Please get in contact with other editors should you have any suggestions!
I have other enquiries
Please post a note in either the Discord Wiki Suggestion Channel or Official Wiki Suggestion Thread.
I am not an Editor
What are you doing in this sacred place?! If you are looking for Shops, you can browse them here.