The Nibbler

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The Nibbler was an E-newspaper published on the MouseHunt Recent News and Updates discussion board reporting MouseHunt related news and events. It is no longer being published. It usually issued daily, though, sometimes an issue might be skipped and merged into the next day's issue.


The Nibbler started first as a thread called "MH Headline News of the Day Recap - Tuesday 10/28/2008" by Karen Jensen-Clark in response to someone's joking suggestion that it would be helpful to not have to read through all the threads in the forums to figure out what was going on and what was new or real that day. At that time, Karen thought the first thread would be the only thread, however she was surprised at its popularity and subsequent following. It was reader's suggestion to give the E-thread a formal name. A contest was created, and The Nibbler was picked.


Karen also created a blog to archive the main points of this mostly daily E-newspaper to provide a reference and a MouseHunt history that was searchable. Hunters are still suggested to check for the thread in the forums, as some interesting stuff happens in the comments that get posted later. The Nibbler blog is now also available via multiple RSS feed sources.

The Staff

  • Karen Jensen-Clark - MH News Anchorwoman
  • Jessica Carson Shelley - MH News Correspondent
  • Melissa Kenealy - MH Roving Reporter
  • Doug Schooner - MH Advice Columnist
  • Michael Hilliard - MH Publicist and Advertising
  • Daniel Bolink - MH Puzzle Meister

Quote from Karen: We also gratefully accept all news tips and scoops, and anyone who wants to join the non-paying payroll is welcome to apply. We don't presume to corner the news market.