Time Traveler Event Map

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Time Traveler Event Map
Category: Adventuring Items
Map Info
Max Number of Hunters: 5
Number of Mice: 40
Rank to Acquire: Novice
and above
Rank to Join: Varies
Reward Chest: Time Traveler's Treasure Chest
Rare Time Traveler's Treasure Chest
Scroll Case Info
Scroll Case: Time Traveler's Scroll Case
Scroll Case Source: The Grand Time Tampering Cartographer
Cost: 5 Ancient Relics
Larry's Loot Lexicon: MouseHunt Info Page
Image: External Link
A scroll case out of time, found during MouseHunt's 10th Birthday celebration!

Acquiring a Time Traveler Event Map

Hunters ranked Novice and above can find Time Traveler Event Map in Time Traveler's Scroll Cases purchased from The Grand Time Tampering Cartographer.
Hunters may upgrade their Time Traveler Event Map to a Rare Time Traveler Event Map by using Rare Map Dust. This will guarantee one of eleven Birthday Trap Skins, double the guaranteed rewards, and increase the quantity of variable items received.

Mice found on a Time Traveler Event Map

The Time Traveler Event Map requires Hunters to capture 40 mice from within The Grand Time Tampering.

Time Traveler's Treasure Chests

Guaranteed Items

These items are found in each Time Traveler's Treasure Chest.
Rare treasure chests are awarded to Hunters who have used Rare Map Dust on Time Traveler Event Maps. Hunters are guaranteed to find one of the eleven Birthday Trap Skins in Rare Time Traveler's Treasure Chests.

Opening one of these treasure chests will reward the hunter with 2 days of the Anniversary Aura.

Item Common Chest
Rare Chest
Gold 40,000 80,000
Points 50,000 100,000
Ancient Charm 15 30
Rewind Raclette 10 20
Reality Restitch Charm 5 10
King's Credit 5 10

Variable Items

Hunters will receive a number of items from the following list.

Item Type Amount
10th Birthday Storm Wrought Ballista Trap Skin Skin 1
Candle Chrome MonstroBot Skin Skin 1
Chesla's Flame 'n' Fire Birthday Skin Skin 1
Chrome Fat Cat Trap Skin Skin 1
Cupcake Endless Labyrinth Trap Skin Skin 1
Meteor Cupcake Core Trap Skin Skin 1
Sprinkly Sorcerer Trap Skin Skin 1
The Forgotten Art of Capoeira Skin Skin 1
The Forgotten Art of Dance Instruction Skin Skin 1
The Forgotten Art of Disco Dance Skin Skin 1
The Forgotten Art of Riverdance Skin Skin 1

History and Trivia

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