Translating MouseHunt

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This article contains information on features which have been removed from MouseHunt. It is kept here for historical purposes only, and may no longer be accurate or relevant to current gameplay.

Translate MouseHunt to Your native language

What's it all about?

MouseHunt recently allowed their users to translate their favorite application to their native language. As it has just started, for now, you can only translate "How to play" section under "Lore" tab.

How do I translate MouseHunt?

  1. Go to Facebook Translate application.
  2. Click allow, if you don't already have this application, to add it.
  3. Select Your native language, and join the ongoing efforts of community to translate Facebook and various applications.
  4. Go to MouseHunt, mouseover on Lore, and Click "How to play" (Shortcut here: How To Play).
  5. You'll notice new icon on the bottom right, next to the Facebook chat - It's a blue "globe".
  6. Click it, and new window will open, select "Turn on inline translating".
  7. Click the blue globe again, select "See more phrases from this page".
  8. Another section will open, allowing you to translate phrases in your language.
    1. Right Click on any of the red underlined words to open the translation pop-up and submit your translation. (They could also be Green or Yellow - green means that someone already translated a phrase, and yellow means you have translated it.)
    2. After you submit your translation, the pop-up closes and the page is redisplayed showing your translation underlined in yellow. You can later right click on the yellow underlined words to edit your translation.
    3. Right Click on any of the green underlined words to view translations that have been submitted for those words, or to make a better translation.
  9. After You finish translating, Click the blue globe, and select "Turn off inline translating".