Treacherous Tubaist Mouse

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Treacherous Tubaist Mouse is a breed of mouse found on the Ballroom Floor in Bountiful Beanstalk.

Treacherous Tubaist Mouse
Mouse Group: Beanstalkers (Ballroom Blitzers)
Mouse Statistics
Points: 230,000 Gold: 50,000
Location & Attraction Info
Required Power Types: Physical Other Requirements: Ballroom Floor
Cheese: Royal Beanster Cheese Charm: None
Locations: Bountiful Beanstalk Loot: Ancient Relic
Golden Harp String
Royal Ruby Bean
Larry's Loot Lexicon: MouseHunt Info Page Image: Image Link
This hotheaded, brash brass player packs a lot of punch with every low-pitched note that he belts out. He affectionately and accurately describes his tuba as an instrument of mass destruction and regularly uses it to execute his boisterous and brutal bass instincts.
Mouse ID#: 1153

Cheese Preference

Treacherous Tubaist Mouse is only attracted to Royal Beanster Cheese.

Hunting Strategy

The Treacherous Tubaist Mouse can only be attracted after planting a Medium Vine to the Ballroom Floor.

Physical power type is very effective against Treacherous Tubaist Mouse.
All other types are ineffective.


Treacherous Tubaist Mouse can drop:

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