Twelve Liters of Egg Nog

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On the twelfth day of hunting, the good King gave to me... Twelve Liters of Egg Nog.

This is a whole lot of egg nog. You could supply a whole party with it-- possibly two. The only problem is that the lid seems to be stuck on. And there's an expiry date on the bottom of the canister. It reads June, 2010. Hopefully someone will be able to get it open by then.


This item was collected by Hunters from Christmas Tree, Gargoyle, and Scrooge mice during the 2009 Great Winter Hunt in the Festive Comet. Owning this item allowed Hunters to purchase the Christmas Cracker Trap, but it was not spent and remained in the inventory.

In June 2010, the item became Twelve Liters of Spoiled Egg Nog.

On 29 November 2010, the item became Lump of Spoiled Egg Nog as part of The Great Winter Hunt 2010.