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About me

"Obsession is a young man's game, and my only excuse is that I never grew old."

  1. What I'm here for:
    1. Simplify the pages
    2. Standardize the pages
    3. Logicalize the pages
  2. What are my viewpoint on MHWiki:
    1. All facts can be found on MHWiki.
    2. All speculations should be removed from MHWiki.
    3. Hunting strategy can mention related items that boost the success chance of a goal or make reaching the goal faster. It should not mention very specific strategies using on niche cases.


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Pending tasks

Task Details Status Reference
Event donations Add event donation information In progress Donation#Event_Donations
High-res image 2 Add high-resolution images for Cheese, Charms, Specials, and Collectibles Not started Patch notes
Mouse image source check Check if mouse images on individual pages are from MHdomain
Clean up duplicated images
Remove Event participation
On hold Mice
Shops Infrastructure Overhaul Update trap price, stats, and shops Doing News post
Patch notes
Rework location pages Standardize and simplify all location pages Doing User:KD/Template/Location page

Testing area

Event Donations

Bundle Deals

All deals go with 1 month Lucky Golden Shield unless stated otherwise.

Donation Amount Name Items Limit Event
$0.99 Big Jaq's buddin' bundle 25 Wild Tonics
10000 Bland Queso
1 Large Blooming Spice Plant
1 Big Jaq's Spice Shack Event
$9.99 Big Jaq's bloomin' bundle 200 Wild Tonics
20000 Bland Queso
100 Magic Essence
3 Large Blooming Spice Plants
3 Blooming Rubber Plants
1 Big Jaq's Spice Shack Event