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Event Donations

Bundle Deals

All deals go with 1 month Lucky Golden Shield unless stated otherwise.

Donation Amount Name Items Limit Event
$2.00 Start the Year of the Ox off strong! 30 Nian Gao'da Cheese
10 Red Lunar Lantern Candles
1 Lunar New Year
$3.00 Get the party started with friends! 1 Party Size Gilded Birthday Scroll Case
25 Speedy Coggy Colby
25 Factory Repair Charms
1 MouseHunt Birthday
$9.00 Stock up for the ultimate party! 150 Speedy Coggy Colby
150 Factory Repair Charms
100 Ultimate Party Charms
3 MouseHunt Birthday
$3.00 Amazing loot awaits. Can you dig it? 30 Eggsweeper Shovels
1 Magical Eggsweeper Fertilizer
3 Spring Egg Hunt
$9.00 The most eggstreme deal in the kingdom! 100 Eggsweeper Shovels
3 Magical Eggsweeper Fertilizers
50 Eggstra Charge Charms
3 Spring Egg Hunt
$6.00 Get the latest spring fashions! 1 Chocolate Fount Trap Skin
1 Chrome Celestial Spring Basket Trap Skin
1 Smolderstone Saxon Trap Skin
1 Spring Egg Hunt
$0.99 Big Jaq's buddin' bundle 25 Wild Tonics
10000 Bland Queso
1 Large Blooming Spice Plant
1 Big Jaq's Spice Shack Event
$9.99 Big Jaq's bloomin' bundle 200 Wild Tonics
20000 Bland Queso
100 Magic Essence
3 Large Blooming Spice Plants
3 Blooming Rubber Plants
1 Big Jaq's Spice Shack Event
$1.00 Incredible value for $1 100 SUPER|brie+
2 month Lucky Golden Shield
1 Ronza
$9.00 Sleek and Shiny Bundle 700 SUPER|brie+
50 Airship Charms
50 Rift Airship Charms
50 Chrome Bits
3 Ronza
$9.00 The shiniest party in the kingdom! 1 Party Size Chrome Scroll Case 3 Ronza
$7.00 Golem Starter Pack 3 Snow Golem Heads
3 Snow Golem Torsos
12 Snow Golem Limbs
3 Magical Winter Hunt Holiday Hats
25 Let It Snow Charms
25 Glazed Pecan Pecorino Cheese
3 Great Winter Hunt