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The Story of MouseHunt

Plankrun's Comissioning

Long ago, in a small town called Gnawnia, there was a king and his people. They strived happily, living off of the land. There only major enemy was the mice of the field. They became quite troublesome, so much that the people were forced to use traps to keep them from destroying their gardens and eating their food. However, something strange began to happen. The Mice started to exhibit strange behaviors, acting almost human-like. Reports of this were sent into the King, who commissioned the first ever Mouse Hunter, Plankrun to investigate.[1] Plankrun took up his journal and quickly set about researching the mice.

Plankrun's Discovery

Plankrun, like any other normal person, expected to find ordinary field mice when he set foot in the meadow; but was intrigued to find that his first capture, a Grey Mouse, not only had a completely different anatomy, but walked about on it's hind-legs, acting almost as if it was human.[2]