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Well, this is an interesting coincidence. I can edit my own page and tell you some things about me. I'm enjoying mousehunt. I joined during August two thousand eight. I enjoy wikipedia, but I never can edit because everyone is so much more thorough than they should be. Now I have a venue that I can edit with purpose! If you really want to know more about me, go to my website. Thanks for actually being interested in my life, and God bless you.

MouseHunt wiki has uploading disabled, so this is the best I can do. A picture of me, as a superhero.

I am a man of infinite wealth. I have thirty thousand birds tied to my back by spider silk. I can play the tuba. I'm an internationally renowned chef. I have six distinct powers ranging from telepathy to telekinesis to making someone fart inadvertently. I want to be a girl when I grow up. I am heavily into same-sex startrek fanfiction. I am a liar. One of these is true. Guess which one it is.

Here is my proud list of trophies from MH:

   * Mole
   * x2
   * Hapless (no one should have to catch this many hapless just to get the ambush blueprints. this took 3 days to do)
   * x47
   * Ravenous Zombie
   * x20
   * Vampire
   * x10
   * Assassin
   * x4
   * Lycan
   * x6
   * Monster
   * x1
   * Master of the Dojo (I caught 5 of these the first time I went in. The first 2 hunts were catches! Luck was on my side!)
   * x7