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Victor Song
Max Points: 1,337
Min Gold: 9,000
Loot: Shuriken stars.
Location(s): Stalks the following locations:
Elub Shore
Derr Dunes
Jungle of Dread
Meadow (for relaxing)
Power Type: Devilish
Bait Pref: MouseHunt cheese
More info: MouseHunt Profile Page

Once a passive breed of human, when night falls Victor transforms into a massive beast that strikes fear into even the most steadfast of mice. Known to stalk the dreadful mice of Cape Clawed, this hunter possesses incredible speed and power. A mouse should be well-prepared before seeking out this adversary. Red-boxing this hunter may break its curse, potentially revealing secrets from whence it came (hint hint: there is no spoon).

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History and Trivia

Patent holder of the Orthodox Hunter's Horn Call Ritual (Gnawnia Patent #6570124; Burroughs Patent #1227604; Furoma Patent Pending)