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Hunting Strategy

In case you haven't noticed, your writeup for the Cape Clawed hunting strategy section was removed not for the fun of it, but because it failed on a few counts. If you had bothered to read the discussion page here and the Recent Changes, you would have learnt why. It is one big chunk of text with extremely poor flow, bad grammar, and presents your own one sided view of what players should do. Furthermore, it consists of advice that belong to other locations. Your consecutive, minor edits to the page showed that you had little idea what you wanted to write. 3 editors had to spend the time reading through your edits, and came to the same conclusion. Any further reverts on the article back to the poor writeup, will be deemed as vandalism, and reported as such to the developers.

Now if you really want to help, read up the Editor's Corner set of documents, and have a good look around the other articles on the way things should be written up. Mostly, keep your personal comments off the writeups, and present it in a neutral manner showing all available point of views and possibilities. Text that attempts to direct players in any gameplay style is unacceptable, such as "using trap with power equal or less than 3000 is useless". -- Grexx 12:38, 28 September 2009 (UTC)

This wiki supposed to be the place for a hunter to find a clues/hints/direction (from other hunters experiences) on what they have to do in one location or another, about the traps, and so on.

I know exactly what I wanted to write. I want to provide direction/clues/hints to other hunters based on my experiences. If my advice is wrong, SHOW ME.

There's nothing wrong with my advices because I've done it all. If I said using a trap with power equal or less than 3000 is useless, because it's true! So the other players doesn't have to waste their time trying and end up in disappointment.

One of the reasons that I like the Wiki is that the information goes through a peer review by the group of people who have taken on the role of editors. Since we have to work together we try to be guided by some principles so that there is some consistency in the articles. Since there are many ways that the game can be played and enjoyed and there is no one right way we try to be careful in being neutral in our collective point of view. We tend to avoid using adjectives that carry strong emotional associations like "useless".
For example for a hunter who is interested in earning gold, I might recommend using the strongest tactical trap that they have available. The way I played the game, this means the Ambush trap - but another hunter may have come here without the Ambush trap and needs gold. The Mutated Venus Mouse Trap on an Aqua Base using Swiss cheese has less than 3000 power (2910) - and work just fine here (just slower) earning an average of 363 points per hunt and 116 gold per hunt based on [| Catch rate estimates]. Sure there are plenty of better traps - but for some hunters this is the best that they have. It is misleading to say that this combination is "useless".
The second point is that you are giving strategy information based on the goal of capturing one particular mouse. While some hunters are interested in capturing every single mouse, other hunters are interested in moving up the scoreboard. On the Wiki we try to present options since we don't know what goals the hunter has.
The third point is that for consistency with the other location pages it would be good if the hunting strategy contained itself to what the hunter would be doing while in Cape Clawed while your writeup had information that spanned multiple locations. I think that you have some good content, but it needs to find a better location. This may worked in a seperate hunting strategy page - something like "Hunting Strategy for getting the Ancient Box Trap".
It is difficult seeing one's edits removed, and this is not something that the editors do lightly. I encourage you to get involved on the talk pages and become an active contribitor - but that means working with us. I hope you find this helpful. -- Ralphminer 11:21, 29 September 2009 (UTC)