Valentine's Matchmaker Event Map

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Valentine's Matchmaker Event Map
Category: Adventuring Items
Map Info
Max Number of Hunters: 5
Number of Mice: 8
Rank to Acquire: Recruit
and above
Rank to Join: Recruit
and above
Reward Chest: Valentine's Matchmaker Treasure Chest
Rare Valentine's Matchmaker Treasure Chest
Scroll Case Info
Scroll Case: Valentine's Matchmaker Scroll Case
Scroll Case Source: See current Valentine's Day event location
Cost: See current Valentine's Day event location
Larry's Loot Lexicon: MouseHunt Info Page
Image: External Link
This scroll case smells faintly of roses. Who knows what the scroll inside will lead to? True love, maybe?

Acquiring a Valentine's Matchmaker Event Map

The Valentine's Matchmaker Event Maps are found in Valentine's Matchmaker Scroll Cases.
During the annual Valentine's Day event, Hunters can purchase Valentine's Matchmaker Scroll Cases from Cartographer in any location for 3 Ancient Relics each.
Hunters may only have two Valentine's Matchmaker Scroll Cases in their inventory at a time.

Mice found on a Valentine's Matchmaker Event Map

These maps contain 8 Valentine's Day Event Mice found throughout all parts of the Kingdom.

Valentine's Matchmaker Treasure Chests

Guaranteed Items

These items are found in each Valentine's Matchmaker Treasure Chest.
Rare chests are awarded to Hunters who have used Rare Map Dust on an Valentine's Matchmaker Event Map.

Item Common Chest
Rare Chest
Gold 11,000 22,000
Points 12,000 24,000
King's Credit 3 6
Ancient Charm 6 12
Valentine Charm 10 30
Lucky Valentine Charm 5 30

Variable Items

These items are only rarely found in common Valentine's Treasure Chest. However, Rare chests are guaranteed to have one of the following skins.

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