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During MouseHunt's Fifth Birthday, five new mice decided to form an attack force against Ronza's airship. Known as the Force Fighter Five, each of these mice had their own colored costume, and each dropped loot of multiple Force Fighter Action Figures matching their color. Additionally, the mice could join forces into a larger Super FighterBot MegaSupreme robot, terrorizing the event.

Thankfully, the mice were careless, and also dropped Robot Scraps as loot. A hunter could collect 10 of each color of scrap, as well as buy a Repurposed Robot Head from Ronza, in order to create the Ultra MegaMouser MechaBot Trap. This weapon was the only way to beat the combined Force Fighters, and earn the Crushed Birthday Cake Base as a reward for saving the birthday celebrations.

Mouse Collectible Scrap
Force Fighter Blue Force Fighter Blue Action Figure Blue Leg Robot Scrap
Force Fighter Green Force Fighter Green Action Figure Green Arm Robot Scrap
Force Fighter Pink Force Fighter Pink Action Figure Pink Leg Robot Scrap
Force Fighter Red Force Fighter Red Action Figure Red Chest Robot Scrap
Force Fighter Yellow Force Fighter Yellow Action Figure Yellow Arm Robot Scrap

Progress in building the new weapon could be tracked in the Heads-up Display at Ronza's Traveling Shoppe. Upon catching the tenth mouse of any color, this additional message appeared in the Hunter's Journal:

I've collected all the XXX Robot Scraps needed for a fully-functional super-robot XXX!

After collecting all 50 scraps, another message appeared in the Hunter's Journal:

I've collected all the robot scraps I can! I should visit Ronza to turn all this into a powerful super-robot trap!

After a hunter has all 50 scraps and the Repurposed Robot Head, the Heads-up Display adds a message "You've got the parts! Complete the trap in Ronza's Shoppe!"

After buying the Ultra MegaMouser MechaBot Trap, the Heads-Up Display changes to a picture of the two robots facing one another, initially with a message "Arm your Ultra MegaMouser MechaBot Trap to fight back!". There is also a Boss meter at the bottom of the Heads-up Display, with a hint that states "Each Super FighterBot MegaSupreme catch does 10 damage to their HP! The Super FighterBot MegaSupreme has 100/100 HP."

After arming the Ultra MegaMouser MechaBot Trap, the original five Force Fighter mice cannot be attracted, but it is then possible to attract the Super FighterBot MegaSupreme mouse. Each failed hunt that attracted the Super FighterBot MegaSupreme shows an animation of it firing a barrage of missiles at the hunter; and each successful catch shows an animation of the hunter's MegaMouser charging the FighterBot with a large explosion. Each catch weakens the FighterBot by 10 HP, with the following message in the Hunter's Journal:

Your rocket-powered fist connected solidly, dealing 10 damage, leaving the robot with only XX HP remaining!

Finally, after defeating the FighterBot 10 times, the hunter was awarded the Crushed Birthday Cake Base, along with this message in the journal:

Your super-robot has proven to be more powerful, defeating and demoralizing the Mouse Force Five! Their main charge has been blunted and Ronza has been saved!
With their spirit broken, the Mouse Force Five are now simply watching from the sidelines and no longer actively attacking Ronza. Who would, with you protecting her?
With the robot threat deterred, you finally have time to collect your, ah, slightly crushed reward.
You pick up the following loot:
1 Crushed Birthday Cake Base

Thereafter, a third Heads-up Display background is shown, with a View again link for replaying the final battle.

Force Fighter Action Figure

Oh wow, these... These aren't particularly well-made action figures, are they? The paint's not quite the right colour, the male bodies and the female bodies are exactly the same, they're missing critical costume features, and - ow! That's a splinter!
I guess the reason the Mouse Force Five have so many of these on-hand is that nobody will buy them.

All five action figure collectibles (blue, green, pink, red, and yellow) have the same description. There was no limit on the amount a hunter could collect. The Event Scoreboard allowed hunters to compare who had collected the most.

During the annual MouseHunt Birthday, Hunters were able to trade in these collectibles for Party Charms at the event Charm Shoppe, but have been rendered obsolete since the conclusion of Birthday Party Zone, Mousehunt's Ninth Birthday

Robot Scrap

This scrap may not look like much now, but collect enough of them, and you can build a super-robot of your own to challenge the Mouse Force Five!

All five scrap types (blue leg, green arm, pink leg, red chest, and yellow arm) have the same description. A hunter could own at most 10 of a given color scrap at the same time.

Repurposed Robot Head

It's amazing what you can do with the scrap laying around - so long as it's high-quality scrap, anyway. And who would have higher-quality scrap than Ronza?
Made from spare trap parts and coated in melted gold accumulated through years of fantastic sales, this head should slot right to complete your Ultra MegaMouser MechaBot Trap.

This head could be purchased from Ronza's Traveling Shoppe General Store for 100,000 gold, and could be returned for the same value. A hunter could own at most one at a time.


History and Trivia

  • The Travel map showed images of the Super FighterBot MegaSupreme emerging from the Harbour and approaching the eventual event site, starting on 4 March 2013.
  • The Force Fighter Five were introduced on 7 March 2013.
  • These mice are based on the Power Rangers, a popular television series.