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"Full of fresh air and plenty of sunshine, the Harbour seems to attract the types of mice who boast of sea salt in their veins."

The Harbour is located near the Town of Gnawnia. It serves as a port to other locations outside the Region of Gnawnia. The Harbour is not a good hunting spot for an ill-prepared hunter. A hunter must have reached the level of Apprentice before entering the Harbour. A good trap and plenty of experience will help prevent excessive losses. Currently, it will cost you 1161 gold to travel to the Harbour.

The Harbour provides a good variety of mice and is the main location for finding the Pirate Mouse. Other mice found in the area include the Ninja Mouse, Gold Mouse, Diamond Mouse, Bionic Mouse, White Mouse, Grey Mouse, Brown Mouse, Bionic Mouse, Granite Mouse and Steel Mouse.

Swiss has been found to be good at attracting mice in the Harbour, but Marble might be more cost effective. A hunter with a Swiss Army Trap will do well, though a Mouse Trebuchet will also work.

Cost of traveling from the Harbour: