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King's Crowns are awards given when a Hunter has achieved milestones in catching a certain number of mice. A Bronze Crown is awarded after catching 10 of the same mouse, a Silver Crown after 100, a Gold Crown after 500. a Platinum Crown after 1,000 and a Diamond Crown after 2,500. Each Hunter's Profile includes a tab showing all King's Crowns earned to date, and a hunter's journal shows recently earned crowns. Additionally, crowns appear when viewing statistics about adversaries, along with a placeholder image for mice that have not yet been caught 10 times.

A player may designate up to 12 of their crowns to be displayed on top in the Favourite Mouse Catches section. Favorite crowns are added by clicking on a desired crown lower in the page, and can be removed by clicking on the favorite crown or by resetting all crowns. It is also possible to add uncrowned mice as favorite, as long as the hunter has caught at least one of that breed, by selecting from the drop down menu at the bottom of the page. After 12 crowns have been selected, trying to add one more crown triggers a message from Larry:

WoW! You have quite the display of Crowns there...
Unfortunately the King only allows a gloating maximum of 12 Crowns to be displayed. We removed the first one and added your recent selection to the end!

Obtaining a large number of gold and silver crowns increases the likelihood that a Crown Collector Mouse will be attracted to a trap.


Bronze Crown Silver Crown Gold Crown Platinum Crown Diamond Crown No Crown

History and Trivia

  • Membership and ranking in the MouseHunt Century Club is based on the number of Silver and Gold King's Crowns that a hunter possesses.
  • King's Crowns were introduced on 10 August 2010. An earlier reference was made to the King's Crown, which was stolen by the Master Burglar Mouse on 9 September 2008, and resulted in the largest prize in MouseHunt history to date.
  • The ability to display Favourite Crowns was added sometime around January 2011.
  • Starting on 5 July 2011, Hunters could share Power Charms with their friends by publishing the news when they earned a King's Crown.
  • On 23 October 2012, a dropdown box allowed hunters to easily select mice for the favourite list without yet collecting a Bronze Crown.
  • On 14 December 2012, the number of favourite crown slots grew from 8 to 12.

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