Labyrinth Puzzle Box Event

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The Labyrinth Puzzle Box Event was a special event that too place in the Labyrinth and Zokor


On 16 February the event began in the Labyrinth and Zokor. Mice there began to drop Lost Puzzle Pieces that corresponded to their respective district.

A banner above the Hunter's Journal tracked how many puzzle pieces you had obtained and, when clicked, explained where to obtain the Lost Puzzle Pieces. It also allowed them to buy a Labyrinth Puzzle Box Recovery Kit as well as claim their A-MAZE-ing Aura when completed.

Finding Lost Puzzle Pieces

A mouse in either area has a chance to drop a Lost Puzzle Pieces. Fealty mice can drop the two Fealty Puzzle Pieces, Tech Mice can drop the two Tech Pieces, and Scholar Mice can drop the two Scholar Pieces. When obtained they are instantly consumed and added to the unfinished puzzle cube.

Completing the Cube

Once all six Lost Puzzle Pieces are found, you can click on the pop-up to obtain your A-MAZE-ing Aura which expired on 1 March 2016.

The Aura provided +5 Luck to the Hunter's Trap while in the Labyrinth or Zokor, added a bonus chance of preventing Dead End Clues in the Labyrinth, doubled special loot dropped by District Leaders, and added new Infinite Labyrinth Skin as loot to District Leaders.