Lantern Oil

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A tiny crystal flask containing a viscous oil used to fuel the Labyrinth Lantern. When lit, the Labyrinth Lantern burns oil on every hunt.

Acquiring Lantern Oil

Lantern Oil can be purchased at the Labyrinth General Store and Zokor General Store in exchange for 680 gold, 1 Scholar Scroll, 1 Plate of Fealty, and 1 Tech Power Core.

It can be found as loot from Reanimated Carver Mouse in the Labyrinth and Zokor and the Retired Minotaur Mouse in Zokor.

It is also sometimes found in Labyrinth Treasure Chests, Rare Labyrinth Treasure Chests, Orange Winter Hunt Boxes and Ful'Mina's Gifts

Using Lantern Oil

Hunters must own a Labyrinth Lantern in order to use Lantern Oil. Lantern Oil fuels the Labyrinth Lantern.

Hunters can view their stock of Lantern Oil on the HUD and from the Special tab of their inventory under Equipment.

The Labyrinth Lantern is lighted from the HUD in the Labyrinth. When lit, mice in the Labyrinth will drop an additional clue.

The Labyrinth Lantern disarms automatically when Hunters enter Labyrinth Intersections so that Hunters do not waste Lantern Oil on mice that do not drop clues.

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