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28 September 2021

Charting the skies!
Chart new flight paths to intercept supply lines of the Empyrean Empire to uncover great treasures!

Sky Palace Treasure Maps

The Cartographer at the Floating Islands has been hard at work charting the extreme altitudes high above the islands and has uncovered the supply lines of the Empyrean Empire! A new scroll case is now available at the Floating Islands Cartographer to search the skies for the empire's treasures.

Take heed: Navigating the skies and confronting the Empyrean Empire is no small feat. The empire closely guards their treasures as they move from vault to vault and their travel routes change nearly as often as the winds. The extreme conditions make these maps one of the most challenging a hunter can embark upon!

During the course of the map, you and up to four of your map mates will need to track down all eight Palace Protectors to reveal the location of the Treasure Chest. Make sure you and your team have an adequate supply of Storm Cells before beginning this journey!

The hard work of the Cartographer to construct new scroll cases and draft new maps requires studying Ancient Relics to understand hiding places, Bottled Wind to chart a weather-safe route, Sky Pirate Seals to uncover raider routes, and Empyrean Seals to reveal the empire's supply lines. Acquiring an Empyrean Sky Palace Scroll Case from the Floating Islands Cartographer costs 30 Ancient Relics, 100 Bottled Wind, 300 Pirate Seals, and 4,500 Empyrean Seals.

Uncovering the Empire's Treasures

Charting and intercepting the empire's supply line of treasure may require great effort and skill, but it also comes with an empress' ransom of rewards! The Empyrean Sky Palace Treasure Chest these maps lead to contain a large stash of Gold, Points, Ancient Charms, and Cloud Curd along with a boon of Rainbow Charms.

The chests also contain the empire's most coveted treasure: Adorned Empyrean Jewels! The Rare Treasure Chests always contain at least 3 jewels, sometimes 4 jewels, and can even contain 5 Adorned Empyrean Jewels!

The chests also contain a variety of charms that will no doubt help you conquer the powerful mice in the Floating Islands including ultimate-tier power and luck charms, Ember Charms, and even on rare occasion, the mighty Ultimate Charm itself.

Finally, the Cartographer suspects that the rumors of an elaborate decorative pattern being hidden in a few chests are most certainly true. Should you uncover this rare treasure, you'll be able to utilize a brand new dirigible cosmetic to take to the skies in fashion.

Extra Rich 'n' Dusty Deal

To commemorate the Cartographer's efforts to chart Empyrean Empire supply lines, the King has assembled a limited-time bundle of supplies! The bundle includes 3 Rare Map Dust, 100 Extra Rich Cloud Cheesecake and Bottled Wind, 25 Storm Cells, and 30 Cyclone Stones.

Aerial Treasure Master Bundle
Map Dust, Storm Cells, and more!

The Aerial Treasure Hunt Bundle is available for one week only!
This bundle is available until Tuesday, October 5
Limit of 3 per hunter

Sky Palace Treasure Maps
Now available at the Floating Islands Cartographer!

-- Dave Vanderburg