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Let's put dev updates and everything else here (up to one month, archive anything older). We'll include the newest update into the main page, and we can exclude the others using the <noinclude> tag.

For older updates, visit the Archive.

Notes for Editors

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Uh Oh... Laboratory Experiment has gone wrong!

08 October 2010

Dr. Mouser has accidentally ____ the wrong ingredient in one of his most recent experiments! This has caused a major eruption in the disposal unit of the lab and Radioactive Sludge has gone pouring out everywhere!

The Digby Cleaning Crew (DCC) has been dispatched to mop up the hazardous materials but it may take them all weekend long before they can finish the job!


The more common breeds of mice in the laboratory will now be dropping radioactive sludge as a loot item!

-- Franco D'Auria

October is Newcomer Appreciation Month!

01 October 2010

MouseHunt is currently a featured application on the Facebook games dashboard. This means more novice hunters will be joining the community that may need a helping hand to understand the adventure that they've just embarked upon!

Newcomer Appreciation Month Poster

In the spirit of helping new hunters, we need your help with something more specific!

We're looking to make a splash image or comic that depicts "A day in the life of a MouseHunter" to show players who are new to the game. The goal is to show that MouseHunt is a game that you check on in your spare time and is a fun game that only takes a few minutes a day to enjoy.

The general idea is some sort of splash image or comic showing someone checking in to sound their horn, then going off to make lunch, or some other activity. Then, 15 minutes later, they come back to sound the horn again and once again, they leave and do another activity. This structure shows that the game is played passively by checking back whenever you have a minute of free time.

We're not looking for a finished or polished product, but more a general storyboard, sketch or idea. Feel free to be creative and funny with your delivery of the theme.

There are also a few technical limits to what the image can be:

  • Max size of 670x550 pixels
  • It needs to be able to be read in about 6-10 seconds
  • It needs to make sense to someone who has never seen or heard of the game (nothing too end-game or an "inside-joke/culture")

If you're interested in helping brainstorm, drop by this thread and post your ideas, suggestions or links to sketches.

We're excited see the perspective of players and your takes on what makes the way you play the game so much fun!

-- Dave Vanderburg