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''Archive for updates taking place December of 2008 in Reverse Chronological Order''
''Archive for updates taking place December of 2008 in Reverse Chronological Order''.<br />
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===Festive Cheer===
===Festive Cheer===

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Archive for updates taking place December of 2008 in Reverse Chronological Order.
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Festive Cheer

5 December 2008

It seems some cold weather has blown its way over Gnawnia, dusting the hunting grounds with a light blanket of snow. Hunters across the Kindgom have been stoking their campfires with a little extra wood and passing around hot chocolate.

A little further north of Gnawnia a great mouse threat has emerged! It seems some troublesome mice disguised as elves infiltrated Santa's workshop making off with all the gifts! Reports have indicated that these mice should be crossing through the Gnawnia Kingdom sometime next week so be sure to have your trap baited with your best cheese!

As if thieving fake elf mice were not enough of a threat, hunter's lore speaks of powerful mice that tend to come around shortly after flakes of snow hit the peaks of the Mountains. The King is as paranoid as always and encourages his hunters to be ready for this threat!

Phew... It seems December will be a busy hunting season!

Happy holidays from HitGrab!

-- Dave Vanderburg

Cork Board Page Controls & New Base

4 December 2008

Due to popular demand via the suggestions forum we have added paging controls to hunters' cork boards. You'll now be able to view up to 100 cork board posts, with 10 per page. We also fixed a few other minor bugs such as backslashes showing up in posts.

The proprietor of the Harbour General Store has also just received a huge shipment of strange blueprints. Skilled crafters will be able to create a rather strange base using these plans. Journeyman crafters be warned: you may destroy your crafting materials should you attempt to create this base!

A few other minor tweaks you may notice is the "Accuracy Bonus" stat, which has been changed to "Attraction Bonus", as well as the Cheese Effect wording, which has been changed to use the terms 'stale' and 'fresh' to hopefully relieve some confusion amongst new players.

Finally we'll mention that we have been working on a statistics utility to compare original MouseHunt catch stats to MouseHunt 2.0, and repair missing catches. This is not a small job and our team has been working hard on this utility.

Overall, the entire HitGrab team has been (and still is) quite busy expanding the world of MouseHunt!

-- Jeremy Mandel

Cork Board and Travel Cost Update

2 December 2008

Many players have requested a way to send their friends MouseHunt related messages and so we have added the "Hunter's Cork Board" to profile pages. When viewing the Hunter's Profile of a friend you'll have a text box where you can post comments. We are also planning on adding a preference page where players can control exactly what groups of people are allowed to post on or view their cork board. This preference page is also where we plan to add other various options such as who can send you trade requests, view when you were last active, your quantity of SUPER|brie+ and various other preferences in the game.

Travel costs have also been completely overhauled to increase the emphasis on distance rather than a specific cost for each location. What this means is that many locations will be much cheaper to travel to (especially the Laboratory) depending on where you are traveling from. Players hunting in the Furoma region will also benefit from having very low travel costs when simply moving from floor to floor in the Pagoda. As always your comments and feedback are welcome via the suggestions forum. Based on feedback we may further tweak travel costs.

Also in this update are various minor tweaks and changes such as the appearance of the Hunter's Journal and layout of profile pages. We have also yet again tweaked some of the fonts used in the King's Rewards to help readability. We have also further increased the size of the rewards based on hunter's title. We are also working on one or two completely different styles of rewards such as 'What number is in the triangle?' which should be easier to decipher.

-- Dave Vanderburg