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Archive for updates taking place November of 2008 in Reverse Chronological Order
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Discovering Crafting Combinations

28 November 2008

We wanted to make a news post to let players know that we have something planned for helping figure out what combinations of ingredients will successfully craft an item. Although I won't go into specifics, it will involve mice dropping pages that will contain clues or even an exact formula.

Right now there is somewhat of a limited number of actual items that can be crafted, however we will be adding plenty more over time. At the moment there are five combinations that work, four of which have ingredients that can only be obtained as loot from a catch.

We have also been paying close attention to the ideas and suggestions coming in on the boards and will be working on adding a few of them in the future! Keep them coming!

-- Dave Vanderburg

Furoma Update and Crafting

26 November 2008

Today we have launched the large update to the Furoma Region which includes four new hunting areas, over a dozen new items, two new kinds of shops, a new trap, and a whole new group of mice!

Most of these new areas are unlocked by using a new type of store called the Cartographer. At this store players will be able to hire a skilled cartographer to repair damaged maps. Repairing a map will not only cost a good chunk of gold but also requires several hours for the cartographer to finish the restoration work. Be warned, you will be unable to use a map while it is at the Cartographer.

Players will need to test their hunting knowledge and think outside the box to catch these new powerful breeds of mice. These mice are particularly hard to attract to your trap so you will need to create new and exotic bait to hunt with. Think carefully about each of the new locations and their intended purposes. You will need very specific trap setups in order to be succesful in many of the new locations. These areas are indeed setup to prove a worthy challenge to Grandmaster MouseHunters and above!

To create these new types of bait, hunters now have access to a crafting skill. Crafting items require ingredients which can be collected from mice or purchased from a new store called the General Store. To combine ingredients, visit the crafting tab in your inventory. If you have any crafting items a form will be presented where you can experiment with various combinations of items. At first, players will need to work together to discover the handful of initial recipes, but we are planning on releasing a creative way of discovering what combinations work in the near future as well as additional items that can be crafted. As players advance upwards through the hunters' titles, they will be able to combine additional ingredients. Be careful if you choose to combine your maximum allowed items; if you do so, you risk destroying your ingredients! The risk of destroying ingredients also decreases as you advance in the game.

Obviously this is quite a large update and tweaks and improvements can be expected over time. In addition to a system for discovering what combination of items works in crafting we also have planned a way of easily re-creating items that you have already successfully crafted at least once. We are also working on tweaking some travel costs for the next major update to make traveling between areas that are very close on the map less expensive. We encourage your opinions and suggestions in the Ideas and Suggestions forum.

And all this available for $39.99 (CAD)! Just kidding! Keep on enjoying the free content! Good luck and happy hunting!

Also in this update...

We have tweaked the King's Reward text to be a little easier to read, while still being difficult for bots to read. Additionally we have increased the rewards slightly based on your hunters' title, higher ranked players will score bigger rewards. We'll also take one more opportunity here to remind players to use caution when downloading any third-party "MouseHunt software" or browser extensions. A couple programs have surfaced that only serve to steal your Facebook account login and password. Additionally, using any scripts or software to circumvent the King's Reward codes are a violation of the MouseHunt Terms of Service and will result in your MouseHunt account being disabled. Recently a handful of players were removed from the game for violating the MouseHunt Terms of Service. They each had well over 3 million points. Do not risk losing all your time and effort!

-- Dave Vanderburg