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Archive for updates taking place December of 2009 in Reverse Chronological Order.
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Blast-Off into the New Year!

30 December 2009

Ronza has tracked down the pesky little mouse that had stolen a shipment of rockets and firecrackers. It seems the stowaway mouse just wanted to ring in the new year with massive explosions in the sky!

A brand new event mouse is on the loose! Catch the New Years mouse on Ronza's ship before it vanishes. More than just one mouse is getting in the mood to party though, see if you can spot a few breeds of mice dressed up in celebration attire!

With her stock of rockets and fireworks back Ronza now has the 2010 Blastoff Trap and Firecracker base for sale. Buy them today, they're causing an explosion of excitement and are only available for a limited time!

With the approach of the new year, the Great Winter Hunt is coming to an end. The Festive Comet has slowly been melting and there are now only a few layers of snow left. Digby scientists estimate the comet will be completely melted by January 2nd.

We are still looking at resolving an issue that is preventing a second set of gingerbread house/base blueprints to drop for players that used them but failed to craft the item. The Gingerbread base and house blueprints will continue to drop as loot for a short time after the the Great Winter Hunt.

Happy New Year MouseHunters!

-- Dave Vanderburg

Chrome DrillBot now for Sale!

28 December 2009

Ronza's shipment of Chrome DrillBots has arrived! She is now selling this sleek-looking, limited edition trap so visit her shoppe today!

Ronza also received a small shipment of 2010 Blastoff Traps and Firecracker bases which she was planning to sell to celebrate the new year. The small shipment was intercepted by some mischievous mice who stole the rockets and firecrackers! Ronza is still investigating what mouse stole the supplies, be on the lookout for suspects.

A recent change to how loot drops work has caused gingerbread blueprints to not drop for any hunters who once obtained them but lost them by failing to craft the base/house. We are currently working on correcting the problem. Once the problem is corrected you'll once again be able to collect a second set of blueprints.

Happy holiday hunting as we continue to celebrate the Great Winter Hunt!

-- Dave Vanderburg

Larry the Trapsmith?!

23 December 2009

It seems the Festive Comet sparked a creative curiosity with everyone's favourite hunting helper Larry! With all the strange items being discovered within the layers of snow at the comet, Larry devised a trap to fit the festive season that he is calling "The Christmas Cracker Trap".

Larry would be happy to construct a Christmas Cracker Trap for you if you have managed to collect all 12 items from the 12 Days of Christmas. He is also willing to exchange a few pieces of SUPER|brie+ from his own personal stash (it's all he hunts with!) for each of your Festive Items. Make your choice wisely. You will be unable to collect any of the 12 items again once you have exchanged them.

All of the items from the 12 Days 'til Christmas event will continue to be dropped for the remainder of the Great Winter Hunt. The items become a little more scarce each day, so if you're missing one or two items don't wait until the last minute to move to the Festive Comet.

You can exchange your festive items with Larry here:

But it seems Larry is not the only person offering some new festive trap options...

With all the excitement of the Great Winter Hunt Ronza has decided to visit Gnawnia early so she take part in all the festive fun!

Her shop is currently stocked with two festive items: The Snowglobe Trap and the Candy Cane Base.

Due to her early arrival, Ronza is still waiting on a delivery of new stock. You'll notice a few items in her shop labeled as "Coming Soon". The arrival of new stock will be announced via the scrolling news ticker at the top of the page.

Wow! The Great Winter Hunt has been packed full of festive fun! Happy Holiday Hunting!

-- Dave Vanderburg

Last Minute Gift Ideas

22 December 2009

Still struggling to find that perfect gift for someone in your Hunting Party? Well then head over to the Festive Gift Shoppe and browse their latest stock of novelty gift ideas.

There are items for any budget! From a 500 gold greeting card to a solid gold brick worth 250,000 gold!

The new items include:

  • Reindeer Slippers - Because hunting in the Mountains is the leading cause of chilled feet.
  • Yule Log - Loaded with enough sugar to keep you energetic during those long tournament competitions.
  • Festive Retraining Order - Know someone who constantly begs for gold or posts on your cork board too frequently? Wish them happy holidays from 500 feet away at all times.
  • Toy Ronza Ship - Have a friend with an unhealthy Ronza obsession? Then this is the perfect gift!
  • Gold Brick - Who says you can't buy friendship? Dropping 250,000 gold on a completely useless gold brick makes a bold statement! Every time your friend sees a gold brick in their inventory they'll be sure to think of you.

All the new items are entirely novelty collectables. None of the novelty gifts will have a practical use to help your hunting in the future, so don't stress if you don't receive any as gifts.

Happy Holiday Hunting!

-- Dave Vanderburg

New Stock at the Festive Gift Shoppe!

15 December 2009

A few of the holiday novelty items at the Festive Gift Shoppe have sold out! Don't worry though! A new shipment of items has arrived just in time to restock the shelves!

The Shoppe's new items include: tasty Mouse Macaroons, Festive Sweaters, Sleigh Bells, ever-so-fresh smelling Wreaths as well as some tooth-chippingly old Petrified Fruitcake!

Perhaps even more exciting, the Festive Shoppe was able to secure a small supply of one of this year's hot-ticket items: The Slap Cat! Cuddling this cute plush cat is sure to knock some sense into any hunter and provide the moral support needed when looking to catch those tough-to-hunt mice!

Many hunters may be happy to know that unwrapping a gift will now return you to the correct tab.

The 12 Days 'til Christmas event is still rolling along!

Larry seems especially interested in discovering a use for the 12 items and has been spotted at the Festive Comet baiting a trap. Larry's research, although enthusiastic, is proving to not be the most insightful -- He has upgraded his theory about the items from "They make something" to "They make something cool". Thanks Larry, your words of wisdom always provide such sage guidance.

A final piece of advice offered by the scientists of Digby: the 12 new items are each discovered as a new layer of the comet melts. The items are no doubt most abundant when they are first discovered and become less abundant once the layer has entirely melted and the next item has been discovered. So remember -- don't wait until the last minute to hunt at the comet!

We hope everyone is enjoying their time at the festive comet! Take caution when attempting to eat any petrified fruitcake -- The King does not currently offer dental coverage to his hunters.

Happy Holiday Hunting!

-- Dave Vanderburg

12 Days 'til Christmas Event

12 December 2009

The 12 days 'til Christmas event starts today at the Festive Comet!

Most hunters have noticed that the Festive Comet has been slowly melting for the past several days, but what has gone unnoticed until now is the peculiar way in which the comet has been melting. Digby's finest scientists have been stationed at the Festive Comet since its landing and were the first to discover the comet's odd melting pattern.

The scientists of Digby's discovery was that the comet has been melting in layers, as though the mighty comet had slowly been growing while on its crash-course with Gnawnia. Each layer has slightly different density and appears to have different melting rates. The fascinating coincidence is that the next 12 layers all appear to have the same melting rate of approximately 24 hours!

What does this mean to those hunting at the Festive Comet? You can expect a new layer of snow to melt each and everyday! What is the significance of a layer melting? Well, as the comet flew through festive outer-space it smashed its way through 12 rings of debris in the Friendly Festive Galaxy of Fantastic Fancy items! (Scientists are still debating on a final name). As the comet passed through each ring, massive amounts of festive debris stuck to the comet and quickly became incased in snow, causing the comet to grow in size.

As each of the next 12 layers of snow melt, the festive item trapped within each layer is sure to be quickly found by mice. Larry, who always seems to have a knack for foreshadowing events has predicted that these 12 items will inevitably make what he has called "something".

So grab your favourite festive hunting gear, keep your trap well-baited and spread some festive hunting cheer at the Festive Comet!

The Event in a Nutshell:

* A new loot item avalable at the Festive Comet each day until Dec. 24

* New items will be announced on the MouseHunt Application Page

* Fans of MouseHunt have latest news delivered to their homepage (Become a fan here)

* Larry's use for the new items will be revealed when they are all found

* Items will be easiest to collect on the day they are released - check back daily!

-- Dave Vanderburg

Blueprints Discovered as Comet Melts!

08 December 2009

As the Festive Comet slowly melts, the mice there have come across some new, interesting items! According to the reports pouring in from researchers stationed on the comet, the mice have unearthed blueprints detailing how to construct hunting gear out of planks of gingerbread.

Various mice at the Festive Comet have been spotted using the scraps of blueprint as nesting material. The prints are somewhat rare at the moment, but researchers are confident that as more of the comet melts, more blueprints will be discovered.

Who knows what other festive surprises are waiting under layers of snow? Head over to the Festive Comet, and good luck hunting!

-- Dave Vanderburg

The Great Winter Hunt '09

03 December 2009

Welcome all to the first, annual, Great Winter Hunt!

"The Festive Comet" earlier discovered by those kooky Digby scientists has landed and we are all still here and hunting!

The collision with Gnawnia has caused massive amounts of global "heart" warming as a sudden wave of festive cheer has attracted a variety of old and new mice to the area!

Event Details:

New area is now available! From the travel page in the Gnawnia region you can now reach "The festive comet"! (open to all hunter ranks). All of the seasonal mice have come out of hibernation now that the comet has struck. They will stay with the comet until it melts before returning back to hibernation until the next time.

These festive mice love to collect the various items brought to gnawnia by the comet. They are used to make their special gingerbread homes as well as tasty treats that these mice find completely irresistible!

The Digby scientists have also sent various recovery teams to the site, gathering and researching all of the newly discovered wonders. They are making these items available for you to send to friends and have come up with a pretty ingenious recipe already with more on the way!

Quote from Timmy, lead Digby Reasearcher, "These new planks of gingerbread are quite astonishing! Incredibly strong and resilient! Also quite tasty, flavorful and rich in aroma! Smashing these planks into smaller, more manageable pieces creates the perfect treat for the holidays!"

The scientists also believe, given enough time, that they should be able to use this new "gingerbread", as well as including some of the other festive items, to capture the essence of the holiday and create some most interesting trap components!

Some of the regular inhabitants of Gnawnia have been seen adorning themselves with the debris from the comet, almost instinctually, unable to resist their sparkle and shine. Proudly parading themselves for all to see, can you catch them all?

Happy Holiday Hunting!

-- Franco D'Auria