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Archive for updates taking place January of 2009 in Reverse Chronological Order.
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News from the Bazaar Cartographer!

30 January 2009

After over a month of research the cartographers of the Burroughs Bazaar have finally found a way to successfully mend the delicate cloth of the tattered Mousoleum map!

Equally exciting, the cartographers discovered a much cheaper supplier for their repair materials and are passing the savings onto you! The map piece will cost players 160,000 gold to repair instead of the originally projected cost of 250,000 gold.

Once your tattered map is repaired you will be able to travel to a much darker place than the Mousoleum where some truly suspicious activity is taking place. The King is concerned for the safety of the Kingdom and fears that a force much greater than the Furoma mice armies could me organizing an attack of epic proportions.

Go forth with courage MouseHunters! Your Kingdom needs your help!

-- Dave Vanderburg

Crafting Update

29 January 2009

Today's update has brought forth a new feature for crafting! Ever find yourself struggling to remember exactly how much curd and whey to add to combat cheese? Well fear not! Above your crafting form will appear a drop-down of anything you have crafted in the past.

Selecting an item from this drop down will initialize the crafting form with the correct items and their quantities. Should you not have an item, or not enough of a particular item the related drop-down or text field will turn orange to indicate you are missing something. Should you have all the necessary ingredients the fields will turn green to indicate you're ready to craft!

As a side note we only started recording your previous crafted items about a week ago, so you may need to manually craft something once more in order for it to appear in the previously crafted drop down box. Also keep in mind that the drop-down box will only appear after you have successfully crafted at least one item.

This update has also introduced some optimizations to the game's caching engine to improve performance and some other "behind the scenes" updates to lay the necessary ground work for a new area we've been working on.

During our last communications with the cartographers of the Bazaar we learned that they are closer than ever to finally unlocking what mysteries are within the tattered Mousoleum map! MouseHunters whom conceder themselves legendary enough to take on what dark powers may lurk beneath the Mousoleum should prepare for a quest worthy of their hard-earned skills!

-- Dave Vanderburg

Recent issues

22 January 2009

Hey everyone!

Let's have us a little palaver. I'd like to update all of you on the goings on of MouseHunt.

Lately, we've been seeing some pretty crazy error pages. Some has been a result of Facebook Platform updates, and some of them started the day we released the toolbar. Basically, a lot of people wanted it, and that gave the servers a lot of work to do!

We eventually managed to tweak it to increase its performance and efficiency (so it wasn't hitting our servers as hard). Just yesterday, we changed the way it "grabbed" information, which greatly increased the stability of the servers.

Along with that issue, one of our new servers conked out, but it was replaced within the hour. Our new host is great! We've spent countless hours with them, over the phone and via support tickets, fixing issues and finding more efficient ways to run the servers.

You can trust me when I say we've been losing sleep so that we could ensure the game keeps running smooth to keep all of you hunters hunting!

Another issue arose with the Facebook Platform, which has been going through some changes in the last few days, affecting all apps.

It appears that most of the issues have dissipated, and I can assure you that if any more arise, we will rush to aid immediately.

It may be frustrating when it seems we aren't updating you MouseHunters as soon as issues arise. The truth is, our hands become full when server issues come up because the first thing we do is contact our host and start tracking down the issue. All hands are on deck, and for a small team, it can be a huge undertaking. We have to sometimes decide between addressing the MouseHunters or simply dealing with the problems and getting them fixed as soon as possible.

Please forgive us for the recent downtime, but know that it's been out of our control and we've been doing our everything to keep on top of things.

Keep on hunting, and thanks for playing! :D

-- Giorgio Sintichakis

FREE timer, FREE SB+, FREE Toolbar

13 January 2009

Get your stats!

Get free SuperBrie!

Get a free Hunter's Horn timer!

Global statistics! (No need to be on facebook!)

Yo folks! Check out the "Lore" menu item for access to the new MouseHunt toolbar for Firefox and Internet Explorer!

Or download it here:

The new toolbar allows you to sound the horn (with the bonus of a horn timer), keep track of your stats, and get some FREE Super|brie+ for every 3 searches you do (to a max of 3 pieces per day).


-- Joel Auge

Toning Down King's Rewards

3 January 2009

Due to popular demand we have toned down the frequency of the King's Rewards appearing. Players will notice they will have to claim rewards less than a dozen times a day (assuming you never sleep that is).

We have also done away with the behaviour of the rewards usually appearing when you first return to sound your horn after a long period of inactivity.

As always any constructive feedback is welcome, we strive to achieve a balance that keeps the game fair and fun for everyone. The "crack down" allowed us to remove several cheaters from the game and keep things fair for those who hunt in the spirit of fun.

As a final note I shall mention that there are still quite a few left over bonus-mobster mice from the New Year's Giveaway. They seem to of gone into hiding, but the King is confident his hunters are up for the challenge!

Happy new year and good luck in the hunt!

-- Dave Vanderburg