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Archive for updates taking place May of 2009 in Reverse Chronological Order.
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Gold Shield Update

25 May 2009

Hello once again hunters!

Over the weekend we were reading through responses and opinions surrounding the time frame of the Lucky Golden Shield. Some hunters wanted different time frames for different donation amounts while others liked the 30 day limit for all donation amounts.

One concern that we wanted to address was that with the larger donation amounts a player receives more SUPER|brie+ than they will likely consume in a month.

After carefully considering what our community has shared with us through the message boards and in mails we have decided to have the shield last 4 months for a $50 donation, 2 months for a $25 and a single month for all others. We hope these changes allow players to keep their shields for a more realistic time while they use their cheese.

We realize we will never be able to please everyone but we feel that this is the solution that the majority of players will be happy with. We are currently making the appropriate changes and plan have shields begin to expire towards the end of this week.

As always thanks for your feedback on everything we do! We love reading your ideas, opinions and constructive criticism so keep it coming!

-- Dave Vanderburg

Gold Shields begin to expire May 25th

22 May 2009

Hello MouseHunters!

We wanted to give a few days of notice that Donators' Lucky Golden Shields will begin to expire on Monday, May 25th. On the 25th, if you have donated or completed an offer within the past 30 days your shield will not expire.

We waited a few extra days before starting the expiry effect to give everyone some forewarning.

There have been a few concerns surrounding the shield that we would like to address. Some players have suggested different timeframes for different donation amounts, or that the shield should be permanent.

The lucky shield is meant to be a "thank you" for any player that is generous enough to keep the game running month to month. As the world of MouseHunt continues to grow everyday so do the costs of supporting the hundreds of thousands of players that play for free each month. Without the generous support of donators each month we would soon have to shut our doors. No matter what you can afford to give we wanted an equal thanks for showing your support and that is what the Golden Shield is meant to represent.

A final thanks to everyone who supports the game and allows us to keep expanding MouseHunt week after week!

On a separate note, this week's Feedback Friday asked the question "What do you like/do not like about giveaways and how can we make them more fun?".

We wanted feedback on one specific idea - a special "Giveaway" mouse that would drop in-game items and be abundant enough to give players a good chance of catching one during a giveaway. The mouse would be similar to the elf mouse or birthday mouse that dropped gift boxes to be opened at a later date.

The feedback was a unanimous "YES!" and so that is exactly what we will be doing for the next giveaway! Expect the usual Mobsters and Leprechauns worth cash and SB+ prizes along with a special giveaway mouse that will drop gift boxes, or some other special item, containing random amounts of in-game items. We will provide more specific details before the next giveaway.

Happy hunting!

-- Dave Vanderburg

Quick Update

20 May 2009

Hello MouseHunters,

Just a quick update today with regard to Hunting Parties and Tournaments.

After substantial discussion with regard to subbing and all the back and forth with how to deal with it, we have ultimately decided to remove it as a strategy for Hunting with a Party.

Additionally, the mandate and multiplier issues have hopefully all been resolved this time around as well as a few Organize Party interface tweaks.

The question I'm sure you're all asking is what about the PRIZES...
Until we have everything balanced and equitable we're going to hold off on the prizes. But they will come eventually!

Also, three instances of the Zombalicious Tournament will be starting in the next 24 hours. Good luck and thanks for all of your feedback!

-- Jeremy Mandel

Database Maintenance

14 May 2009

Hello MouseHunters. We would like to thank everyone for their patience today while the game was unavailable for database maintenance. Something came to our attention that would have negative effects on the game if left uncorrected and needed to be addressed sooner rather than later.

Due to the short notice of the significant downtime Glitchpaw mice have been released for the next 24 hours. Good luck capturing your first or adding a few more to your collection!

-- Dave Vanderburg

Hunting Party Adjustments

14 May 2009


There was some recent controversy about subbing people in and out of Hunting Parties to inflate the number of possible hunts. In order to level the playing field against parties using this tactic, you will now only be able to invite hunters to your Hunting Party post tournament start if your entire party has been inactive for 15 minutes. Thus, the captain invitation tab will disappear as soon as the first tournament horn is sounded and will only re-appear if no one in the party sounds the horn for 15 minutes.

Also, another tournament has been posted and it's called the Furoma Connection. Check it out!!! Only 10000 gold to enter.

Good luck to everyone in the upcoming Tourney!

Party HARD!

-- Jeremy Mandel

New Tournament Posted

13 May 2009

The Three Blind Mice Tournament is available to join and will start at May 14th 2009 - 20:00 GMT.

Get your Parties ready!

Good luck!

-- Jeremy Mandel

Hunting Parties and MouseHunt Tournaments

12 May 2009

Hello MouseHunters,

It is with great pleasure and excitement that we announce the biggest new feature addition to MouseHunt since MouseHunt 2.0: MouseHunt Tournaments and Hunting Parties! If you are of Apprentice rank or higher, you will now be able to form unique groups of hunters to hunt competitively in a series of regularly scheduled tournaments!

How do you sign up and how does this all work you ask? You can read all about how to join or create a Hunting Party and play in a MouseHunt Tournament by going to the Organize Party link under the Friends tab or following this url:

We're going to start with a few short daily tournaments so everyone can learn how things work and get their parties together. These tournaments will be available shortly

Occasionally, there will be prizes given out for MouseHunt Tournament winners. Also, there are two new boards that we've added to the forums: Tournament Talk and Meet and Greet. The Tournament Talk board can be used to discuss all things tournaments and the Meet and Greet can be used to recruit other hunters for your parties.

A few quick words about MouseHunt Tournaments...
Some tournaments will be free to join, others will have an entrance cost of cheese, gold or some combination of the two. Tournament Scoreboards for tournaments your current party has hunted in may be found by going to the Tournament Scoreboard link under the Lore tab and are updated hourly.

Finally, a special thanks to all of the beta testers! You've been so unbelievably helpful in getting these features to where they are now.

We're all very excited about this new addition and really hope everyone enjoys it and demonstrates good hunting etiquette!
Good luck everyone and PARTY HARD!
-The HitGrab Team

-- Jeremy Mandel