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Archive for updates taking place November of 2009 in Reverse Chronological Order.
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Facebook Changes

23 November 2009

Facebook will be making a series of changes over the next month, one of which is getting rid of notifications. Facebook is adding some functionality to try and fill the gap left by lack of notifications.

- user to user notifications will be replaced by inbox messages.

- application to user notifications are being removed all together. They are allowing you to optionally provide an email address for the game to send messages to. This is the prompt that some people are seeing. We have no idea about why the message is saying restraunt city and are looking into it.

Facebook will be phasing in the new changes over the next month or so. The email opt-in is the first step. you can see a list of all the changes they are planning at

We will making some changes to things to accommodate for the facebook changes in the coming weeks and will provide more detail about how exactly (if at all) the changes will affect game play. We don't agree with all of the changes facebook is making but unfortunately don't have any control over it. We will by trying to ensure the changes are as minimally disruptive as possible.

-- Mike Paterson

A Monday Mystery Mouse?!

16 November 2009

A certain breed of mouse roaming around Gnawnia has been reported to be dropping SUPER|brie+!

The King is not sure how these mice got their paws on a small supply of the always tasty SUPER|brie+ but one thing is certain -- Their supply won't last long!

To discover what mouse is dropping SUPER|brie+ check out the MouseHunt Application Page.

While you're there be sure to become a fan by clicking the "become a fan" button at the top of the page. If you become a fan of MouseHunt, all the latest updates will be delivered directly to your homepage so you'll know the moment another mystery mouse is revealed.

Good luck tracking down those sneaky mice!

-- Dave Vanderburg

Planned Server Maintenance

9 November 2009

Hello everyone!

Tomorrow (Tuesday, November 10) the game will be down for maintenance starting at 11am EST until 6pm EST. A countdown timer will appear at the top of every page showing approximately when the maintenance will start.

The planned maintenance is to perform a significant hardware upgrade to the servers running the game. The new hardware will allow more hunters to work for the King and fight off the mouse invasion!

You will not be able to access MouseHunt during the maintenance period. Be aware that if you are participating in a tournament all teams will have their multiplier reset during the downtime.

During downtime a splash screen will appear directing players to the application's about page where we will be posting updates as the server maintenance progresses. For those curious about how the maintenance is going, we'll be sure to post small progress updates to keep everyone in the loop. If you are a fan of MouseHunt these updates should appear on your homepage.

-- Dave Vanderburg

Farewell Ronza!

4 November 2009

As most hunters have no doubt noticed by now Ronza has left the Kingdom. She wanted to thank everyone for the warm welcome and hoped the stowaway Rockstars that arrived along with her didn't cause too much trouble.

A few Rockstars still seem to be partying around the Kingdom. If you have some Rockforth cheese left you may just be able to attract one of the few remaining Rockstars to your trap. The remaining Rockstar mice still have Ronza's Satchels of Surprize!

The united efforts of hunters to trap Hollowheads has proven to be a success, they have vanished until next year. The King is especially glad the Hollowheads have vanished and has reportedly retired his nightlight until next year.

We hope everyone had fun this month! Happy hunting!

-- Dave Vanderburg