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Archive for updates taking place September of 2009 in Reverse Chronological Order.
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Mysterious Box Changes

30 September 2009

From very early on we have always welcomed the constructive feedback and suggestions of players. It's the input of players that helps make sure things are both fun and challenging for everyone.

Based on constructive suggestions, we have changed how hunters may obtain a Frozen Scroll. Going forward, every Acolyte mouse will drop a Frozen Scroll along with the Mysterious Box. The contents of the box have been slightly changed, also based on the feedback of players.

For those who have already opened their boxes, the King will be awarding them with either a Mysterious Box or a Frozen Scroll. If you have never had a Frozen Scroll you will receive one and if you have had a Frozen Scroll in the past then you shall receive a Mysterious Box. This way each hunter involved receives one free item.

We appreciate that many players liked things how they were, but we feel this is a change that is welcomed by the majority of players. Some players have asked the question: "Who are the developers? You, or the players?" The answer is both. We see the community as a member of the development team and have always reached out and welcomed the suggestions and ideas of players.

If you are hunting an Acolyte or Dragon mouse, then you no doubt have enjoyed the previous game content that lead you to these new goals. This content you enjoyed to get where you are was made in the same way, using the feedback of the players to adjust existing content and features.

A big thanks to everyone who shared their constructive suggestions! The players are what make MouseHunt great!

Along with a Frozen Scroll or Mysterious Box, players may notice another smaller, more cuddly item in their inventory. We were able to get an early supply of this item, but if you didn't get one, don't stress... We're sure a larger shipment will arrive by air sometime soon.

-- Dave Vanderburg

Dracano Feedback

30 September 2009

Hello MouseHunters!

You may have noticed the footnote at the bottom of the previous news update regarding Dracano asking for your input and suggestions. I wanted to make a post to help focus the feedback and organize the thoughts of everyone.

There is definitely some frustration in having to possibly catch multiple Acolyte mice to tackle Dracano. We're looking for your opinion on how you think it would be best to obtain a Frozen Scroll.

Here are a couple of popular suggestions that are feasible, let us know what you think.

Remove the Frozen Scroll from the Mysterious Box and have the Acolyte drop both a Frozen Scroll and a Mysterious Box. Hand out Frozen Scrolls to anyone who had previously caught an Acolyte and did not get a Frozen Scroll.

Make available another, slightly less powerful Draconic trap that can be obtained in a more straight-forward manner.

These changes may also require some adjustment to the quantities of items in the Mysterious Box as well as the difficulty of catching the Dragon.

New gameplay elements are currently developed and decided upon by surveying groups of players and then putting those changes into play testing with a group of beta testers. In the coming weeks we are going to be increasing this survey pool to include a broader range of active, passive, experienced and less experienced players in hopes of obtaining a wider range of feedback. The end goal is to include as many players as we can in an organized way.

MouseHunt has always relied on the feedback of players to fine-tune game aspects and develop ideas for new content. We're looking for your constructive suggestions on how to keep MouseHunt both challenging and fun!

If you would like to leave a response or voice a suggestion, please do so in the Dracano Feedback Thread.

-- Dave Vanderburg

Dracano has Opened!

29 September 2009

The flow of magma from Dracano has finally calmed to a level safe enough for hunters to setup traps.

The mouse that inhabits Dracano is a testament to how old the Tribal Isles are. Long ago the Acolyte mice attempted to control the Dragon mice of Dracano using a powerful spell written upon a frozen scroll.

With the Acolyte mice now locked away in their Realm and the disappearance of Plankrun, it is up to the King's most experienced hunters to prevent the Dragon mice from making Gnawnia their new roost!

As with every release, we welcome feedback and constructive criticism. Your feedback can result in new content being changed slightly so please do express your opinions and suggestions. If you're the type that's a bit fearful of change, you may want to wait and see what others think before starting down this story line.

-- Dave Vanderburg

New Boku Page and Feedback Changes

2 September 2009

Hello MouseHunters!

We have made the $1 and $7.50 donation packages available via Boku in addition to implementing a more streamlined checkout page. If you're interested in using your mobile phone to get SUPER|brie+ check out the Boku tab on the donate page.

We have also made a few minor changes based on player feedback.

The strength of a few mice in Tribal Isles has been adjusted. Gladiator, Guardian and all three Chieftain mice have all had their power lowered slightly. The encounter rate for Elder, Grandfather and Aged has been increased slightly when using their appropriate bait in Cape Clawed.

In the interest of making the Ancient Box Trap accessible to most hunters with the title of Knight, the points requirement has been lowered to 17,000,000.

Nibbler mice have crossed the Rodentia ocean and have been seeing reporting in the Tribal Isles region.

Finally, a few typos, spelling and grammar errors have been corrected in various crafting ingredients and mouse descriptions.

We always welcome player ideas and suggestions, so be sure to make your voice heard on the Ideas and Suggestions discussion board located toward the bottom-left of the forums page. By discussing ideas on the forums, we can quickly see which ones the community is enjoying. Remember to post in the correct discussion board section and focus on making constructive suggestions.

If you spot any typos, spelling or grammar errors please contact us directly by using the contact link found at the very bottom of each MouseHunt page.

Until next time, happy hunting and don't forget to sound the horn!

-- Dave Vanderburg