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Archive for updates taking place February of 2010 in Reverse Chronological Order.
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Feedback Friday Recap

26 February 2010

We've received a few inquiries after this week's Feedback Friday, and so, due to popular demand, we're posting a quick text-recap of the video!

This week's feedback was divided into two segments: "News for Your Face", "Quit Askin' Us!". News for Your Face was some direct answers to current questions floating around the community. Quit Askin' Us was a few of the questions we have been asked week after week. Afterwards we did a quick rapid-fire question-and-answer where hunters asked a variety of questions.

News for Your Face:

Q: How long do we have to open our Tiger Heart Chests?

A: The form to open the chests will be available for the next two to three weeks.

Q: What's up with the new Facebook discussion board layout?

A: The layout was recently changed by Facebook and seems to have introduced a couple of bugs (such as lacking the ability to read beyond the first page of a thread). Love or hate the new layout, we hope the discussion boards are functional again soon. We'll be considering off-site forums further after the release of Longtail.

Q: Some of the times in my journal are not correct.

A: Facebook obtains your computer's time zone settings upon login. If your time appears incorrect in-game, all we can suggest is logging out of Facebook, clearing your browser's cookies and logging back into Facebook.

Q: How is Longtail coming along?

A: We've been working hard on Longtail and it has been progressing nicely. We are currently working on implementing tournaments (with a few changes) and migrating over user data. We're planning on some large scale beta testing next week. The storyline of MouseHunt has been somewhat "on pause" while we work on this huge release, making us excited to launch Longtail so we can get back to progressing the story line and creating some new challenges for hunters.

If you're wondering what Longtail is, you can read a little more about it here:

Q: What's planned for MouseHunt's second birthday?

A: Our birthday is March 7th! The first week of March we'll be kicking off an event where a mischievous little mouse is wrecking havoc on the Town of Gnawnia. Player's will have to build a special trap to catch the pest and help restore order to the Kingdom. As with any birthday, there's sure to be plenty of tasty cake!

In addition to the event for the first week, we're planning on doing three content releases during March -- one each week. These three releases will be permanent additions to the game.

Quit Askin' Us:

Q: What's this I hear about an Onyx Mallet Trap?

A: As hinted at in the description of the Costumed Tiger Mouse, there are plans to release an Onyx Mallet Trap. The stats of the trap and origin of the blueprints are not being released ahead of time but look for this new trap to come out sometime during March.

Q: Will there ever be a new shadow trap?

A: A new shadow trap is in the works, but not planned for release in the immediate future.

Q: When is the iPhone app coming out?

A: The iPhone app is still being worked on and is progressing nicely. Look for it after the release of Longtail.

Q: When's Ronza coming next?

A: Ronza is off in far and distant lands taking a much-needed vacation (no doubt spending all the gold she made selling wares in Gnawnia!). She will most likely not be returning anytime soon.

That's it! You can view the recorded Feedback Friday session here:

-- Dave Vanderburg

Heart of the Tiger Party Ends

22 February 2010

The Heart of the Tiger Party has been going strong for more than two weeks, but the time has come for the the music to turn off and to start cleaning up!

The magic seal on Tiger Heart chests has now faded and hunters who were able to find both the Heart and Tiger key will now be able to open their chest.

If you have a chest and two keys, open your chest here:

The party may be over, but the delicious creations of the Dumpling Chef mouse were so popular that the chef decided to take up permanent residence in Furoma. If you're in still the mood for dumplings head over to the training grounds!

We hope everyone enjoyed the party! Happy Hunting MouseHunters!

-- Dave Vanderburg

Horn Problems Resolved

19 February 2010

We have some good news for the players that were having trouble sounding their horn! Since the pesky, noise-loving Glitchpaw Mice have been tracked down, the unsuspecting hunters that lost their horns should now be able to start hunts normally.

A few of the Glitchpaw Mice are still on the loose, in various locations across the Kingdom. They are most densely populated in the Gnawnia and Burroughs regions, including the Heart of the Tiger Party. Help end their destructive rampage by tracking them down and catching a few! Despite their nasty behavior, Glitchpaws dislike confrontation-- expect them to slip back into hiding within 24 hours.

The Heart of the Tiger party is also slowly starting to wind down. The party will end on Monday, so if you're looking to catch some of the unique mice there, head over to the party sooner rather than later.

-- Dave Vanderburg

Tiger and Heart Keys

14 February 2010

The Heart of the Tiger Party has reached its peak of excitement as both mice and hunters celebrate the new Lunar New Year while handing out candygrams and valentines at an alarming rate!

The Year of the Tiger is upon us and it seems to have brought Tiger mice to the party who have managed to find one of the keys to open the Tiger Heart Chest -- a Tiger Key.

Cupid Mice have been also been diligently searching for a way to open the chest and have found the Heart Key.

It seems however that the chest is sealed by more than just two locks. The magic of the party has sealed the chest until the Heart of the Tiger Party has come to an end. The stash of SUPER|brie+ that the chest contains is the perfect party favor to remember all the fun times had at the Heart of the Tiger!

Quick Summary:

  • Red Envelope mice are dropping a Tiger Heart Chest that contains a stash of the always delicious SUPER|brie+.
  • Tiger mice have arrived at the Heart of the Tiger Party who are dropping the Tiger Key required to open the Tiger Heart Chest.
  • Cupid mice are dropping the other key required to open the Tiger Heart Chest -- The Heart Key.
  • The two keys and a little patience will be required to open the Tiger Heart Chest -- The chest is magically sealed until the end of the Heart of the Tiger Party.

Good luck hunting down your keys. See you at the party MouseHunters!

-- Dave Vanderburg

New Mouse and Tiger Heart Chests

12 February 2010

Hello MouseHunters!

Due to all the excitement surrounding the Heart of the Tiger party, a few details have slipped through the cracks, leaving some hunters confused. This week during Feedback Friday, we asked hunters if they would like some clarification about the Heart of the Tiger and the response was an overwhelming yes.


Here's a quick run-down of who's at the party (including one new mouse) and what goodies they've brought with them.

Romeo Mouse:
Always the life of the party, this mouse brought DLU+ heart shaped candies to charm the lady mice with.

Romeno Mouse:
The other mice seem to keep their distance from the Romeno mouse. Between strike-outs with the ladies, he is also snacking on DHU- heart shaped candies.

Cupid Mouse:
Cupid mice have made a return and are randomly firing their arrows at partygoers. They leave behind a trail of heart shaped candy with the words "Attraction Bonus" written on them.

Costumed Tiger Mouse:
This costumed mouse is dancing wildly at the party, celebrating the Lunar New Year. The Costumed Tigers have brought plenty of spare Tiger Masks to help get everyone in a celebratory mood!

Dumpling Chef Mouse:
What's a party without good food? In addition to catering the party, these mice have brought fun Ox Masks to celebrate with.

Dressed Up Mice:
Many mice from other regions have traveled to the Heart of the Tiger Party to celebrate! The White Mouse, Dwarf Mouse, Archer Mouse, Student of the Cheese Belt and Master of the Cheese Claw have arrived and are dressed up, ready to celebrate! The Master of the Cheese Claw has brought a third mask to complete the set -- The Rabbit Mask.

Red Envelope Mouse:
This swift little mouse has been pillaging the pockets of MouseHunters to stuff red envelopes full of gold! If you're lucky enough to catch one, they may just drop one of their envelopes. The Red Envelope mice have also managed to get their hands on some special Tiger Heart Chests containing SUPER|brie+. The chests are locked tight, so if you recover one you'll need to find the right set of keys to open them up. Hopefully the keys will turn up sometime before the end of the party.

All of the candies, gifts and masks are fun collectibles to help everyone celebrate, and make hunting more fun!

Happy Heart of the Tiger everyone, and we’ll see you on the dance floor!

-- Dave Vanderburg

Heart of the Tiger Party

9 February 2010

Hello MouseHunters!

The mighty pool of water that was once the Festive Comet has recently been acquired by the King and turned into a party venue! If you're the type who can't get enough of a good party then you're in luck. The King (who seems to be blaming Larry) has accidentally double-booked the party venue for both a Valentine's Day party and Lunar New Year party! Twice the party, twice the fun! Party!

So slap on your party hats and head over to the Heart of the Tiger Party where there are a few party mice who are ready to party. The mice at the party have also showed up with a few party favours so keep your party eyes open for some party collectible loot drops. Party!

The Gift Shoppe has reopened with a few fun party collectible items that are sure to spice up the Heart of the Tiger Party. The Gift Shoppe is expecting to keep the party going with a few more items that shall arrive in a few days for the party. Check back from time to time during the party to spot when the new party items are available.

Although the addition of collectible items has been welcomed by most everyone, it has led to a little disorganization within the inventory. With the launch of Longtail we are planning to organize these collectible items better within the inventory as well as give players the ability to showcase their collectibles on their hunter profile. Party!

Let the party begin and watch out for those Romeno mice seen crashing the party... They're an easy catch but do not make good company.

Have you been counting how many times I said the word "party"? Well... in case it wasn't enough... party Party PARTY!!!

Happy Party Hunting! Get out there and hug a tiger!

Heart of the Tiger Event poster image

-- Dave Vanderburg

Sneak Peek at MH Longtail

6 February 2010

Hello MouseHunters!

For the past couple of weeks we have been making mention of an update we're working on that we have code-named "Longtail". Longtail will update many of the interfaces within the game, as well as make MouseHunt faster and more robust, allowing us to develop content (mice, areas, traps, etc) quicker and easier.

Enthusiasm seems to be high within the community and so we thought we would share a couple of screenshots of the progress being made on this update to give everyone an idea about what's going on behind the scenes.

First up, the camp page gets an overhaul. Hunters will be able to switch their base, weapon or cheese via controls available under the image of their trap all without needing to reload a page.

Clicking a thumbnail below the trap image brings up the menu to select a new component

Component menu paginates, scrolling thumnails left/right

Clicking a thumbnail arms that component, without reloading the page

Trap Selector image

Second is a reorganization to the mice page. As the number of mice grew so did the lack of organization on the mouse page. We have grouped together the mice in a variety of ways to better organize them based on similar weaknesses as well as location.

Mice can be browsed by region or by group.

Mice are grouped together by power-type weaknesses

Still a work-in-progress is a sortable stats tab to quickly see what mouse you have caught the most of, etc.

Mice Page image

Longtail is still a work in progress but its development is something we want to include the community in. As progress is made on Longtail we'll be reaching out for feedback via Feedback Friday sessions as well as videos on the application page.

That's all for now hunters, happy hunting!

-- Dave Vanderburg

Protect Your Personal Info

3 February 2010

Hey Hunters,

Just a heads up that we have recently seen a large increase in reports of account hijacking.

Remember to keep your Facebook login details secure and never share them with anyone.

Please take extreme caution when downloading anything MouseHunt or Facebook related. We have seen several programs circulating recently that claim to help you in MouseHunt but actually steal your user name and password.

Remember to always think twice before downloading, installing or using any third party software or website. If you're not sure if something is safe, it is probably best to avoid it.

Stay safe out there MouseHunters!

-- Dave Vanderburg