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Archive for updates taking place January of 2010 in Reverse Chronological Order.
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Forums and Safari Issues Resolved

29 January 2010

Hey Hunters!

Just a quick update to let everyone know that the problems with the discussion boards have been resolved. New threads are showing at the top once again.

Players who access the game via Safari on their iPhone or iPods will be delighted to know that the strange "white page" error is now gone and you'll be able to view Facebook applications on your iPhone/iPod normally once again. I know I was getting a little antsy not being able to sound my horn on the go!

Good luck in the hunt everyone!

-- Dave Vanderburg

Couple of Problems

27 January 2010

Hey Hunters!

We have been getting quite a bit of mail asking about a couple of Facebook issues that are currently affecting MouseHunt as well as many other Facebook applications.

The FB discussion boards are currently acting up. When new threads are made they are not appearing as new threads on the forums page. You can get around this and check for new threads by clicking the "See All" link to directly view the discussion board. We'll be investigating if there is anything we can do to fix this problem from our end.

For those of you who access MouseHunt via Safari on your iPod or iPhone it seems that *gasp* the page will not load. This issue appears to be affecting all Facebook applications.

We hope to see both this issues resolved soon. Thanks for your patience and happy hunting!

-- Dave Vanderburg

Hope for Haiti - Update from Haiti

19 January 2010

Hi MouseHunters,

We've just received some news from the van der Marks in Haiti (the family we support there). We felt since the outpouring of support from MHers has been so great, that it was our responsibility to share some of that message with you. We won't place the whole email here... but here's an excerpt.

***Some of this post is graphic and may not be suitable for young ones.

"My mind thought, "that is strange", then my mind thought, "what is that?". In a matter of seconds the house came alive and I was at the end of my kitchen table. The shaking was incredible. I remember seeing the concrete walls moving violently in a wave like at a wave pool. One to my right, one to my left and then one in front of me moving in a different direction. I also remember the ceiling was moving in a wave above me. The floor beneath my feet did not feel attached to me.

Grayden ran to me screaming. Hysterical screams and I clung him tight to me and instinctively semi crouched. All of this may have only taken a few seconds..i don't know. The next thing I remember was Laurens running in the house yelling "get out, get out, get out...RUN" As he grabbed my arm, I went into full action. Still clinging to Grayden, I ran to the door grabbing as many of my children as I could. Yelling myself, "RUN, RUN, RUN, GO, GO". We reached the steps to the garden and I remember how difficult it was to run down them as the concrete steps were moving. I remember running through the front drive with the land still moving. Laurens was still yelling to run further to get away from the building. The dog followed us all. When I got to the end of the driveway, I looked around and counted kids, I could not see Bridgely. I turned back to the building and screamed "BRIDGELY, BRIDGELY, BRIDGELY" as I thought he was still on the upper level at our neighbours. Then there he was in front of me. He had been holding my hand the whole time.

Somewhere between the driveway and the road, the movement stopped. For a moment..... then it started again, smaller but almost as big as the first and long as well. I gathered the kids and instructed them to sit and we huddled until it stopped. Then it started again.......Finally the earth rested for a while.

Then I stood up and turned around......From our rural hill not far from Port au Prince, we have a few of the whole city. As I looked out towards the city and the ocean, that is when I realized what had just happened. The entire city went up in dust. One huge even dust cloud arose from the entire massive city. It was like a bomb had gone off and it was the smoke rising. I looked to the right and saw a similar smaller cloud over our local village Source Matlas. I looked to the left and saw a large cloud of dust and smoke from the flour factory. I was speechless regarding what all this may have meant.

That may have been enough to deal with except that we realized that we had a team of 53 Canadian's visiting on a short term mission trip. We went into leader mode. Laurens went to check on a few things and I gathered the team. Grant went to get the ambulance and I gathered the visiting nurses and doc. We jumped into the ambulance and headed down to the clinic. Grant took the team in and I rushed to the front gate of our mission. By the time I got there, the injured started arriving. They came in tap tap (pick up truck taxi) after tap tap. Children, woman and men.

Their arms and legs were crushed, their bones sticking out of their bodies, their heads gashed open. Some crying in pain, some barely alive. 5, 6, 7, people per truck.

After a few minutes I left the gate and security took over letting them all in and I rushed back to the hospital. For the next 33 hours straight we worked on the traumatic cases that lie before us. It looked like war. We did not know the integrity of the clinic yet so we could not go inside. The aftershocks started to come and were frequent but less in intensity. We had to get supplies in side but ran back out every aftershock we got. The injured were lying all over our outside walk way. Grant, our visiting nurses and myself worked on triaging the worst patients. We are not a full service hospital, we are just a clinic.....we started to get reports that the biggest hospital in PAP, General hospital had crashed down, Doctors without Borders had crashed (the only 2 main ER's in the entire city!). We got further reports that other hospitals were down. We started to realize, that we were all there was for miles and miles and miles... "

Feel free to read the whole post here:

To MouseHunters outside of Canada you can go direct to the Mission of Hope site by clicking this link If you are in Canada you can give to the Mission of Hope through FTC, as the Canadian Government will likely match your donation on top of the usual benefits associated with donating to charities.

-- Joel Auge

Hope for Haiti - $10,000 to Help

14 January 2010

The recent earth quake in Haiti has resulted in a massive human tragedy. With this in mind we here at HitGrab have decided to try make a little difference in our own way. We will be releasing a Hope Mouse to bring awareness to the catastrophic events unfolding in Haiti. For the first 200,000 of these mice caught we will donate five cents to the Mission of Hope in Haiti. We strongly encourage our players to get involved and consider giving to the Mission of Hope or one of the countless charities operating in Haiti.

We chose the Mission of Hope as we have been supporting them for several months and know that they are currently in dire need.

To MouseHunters outside of Canada you can go direct to the Mission of Hope site by clicking this link If you are in Canada you can give to the Mission of Hope through FTC, as the Canadian Government will likely match your donation on top of the usual benefits associated with donating to charities.

All the best,


-- Dave Vanderburg

Great Winter Hunt '09 Comes to an End

3 January 2010

As the last flake of snow at the Festive Comet melted, the Great Winter Hunt has been called to an end. The King hopes everyone enjoyed this first festive celebration!

You may still exchange your 12 Days 'til Christmas items with Larry by clicking the link that is currently being displayed at the top of every page. The Festive Gift Shoppe will officially close within the next few hours (approximately 12am EST).

The issue preventing some hunters from collecting a second set of gingerbread blueprints after failing to craft a gingerbread item has now been resolved. Some remaining Christmas Tree Mice have been reported to be running around the Harbour in an attempt to spread festive cheer. These Christmas Tree mice are also carrying gingerbread blueprints. If you're looking to collect a set of blueprints, head to the Harbour.

Ronza was feeling so welcomed by MouseHunters she wanted to keep her New Year's celebration going even longer! She stocked up on the King's Reserve Bubbleh and plans to keep her party going until Monday, January 4th. If you need to do any last minute shopping, visit her shoppe now before she leaves.

This has been one of the most fun events ever held. A big thanks to each and every MouseHunter for making the Great Winter Hunt such a fun time here in Gnawnia!

One last time, happy holiday hunting MouseHunt!

-- Dave Vanderburg