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Archive for updates taken place in September of 2010 in Reverse Chronological Order.
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Daily Raffles, Grove and Cove Updates and More!

21 September 2010

Hello MouseHunt Community! Today's update is a big one!

Daily Raffles:

A daily raffle tab has been added to the camp page where a new prize item will be up for grabs each day. To start, this will be various amounts of SUPER|brie+ but we will be looking for good suggestions about what other potential items could be open to the raffle.

You can get tickets for the daily raffle in three ways:

  • Purchase tickets with gold (the cost of the ticket will vary with the prize)
  • Each of your friends can send you one free ballot a day
  • If you send a friend a free ballot, you'll get a free bonus ballot in return!

To send a friend a ballot you either view their hunter's profile and click the send daily ballot button, or you can view your friends page where the same send ballot button will appear to the right of each of your friends.

In-game Notifications

As you may have noticed, the news ticker has been given quite the upgrade! Part of this upgrade is a notification system that will let you know when a friend has left you a message on your cork board, when a new friend of yours has joined the hunt as well as other important messages. No more forgetting to check your cork board for new messages!

Updates to the Forbidden Grove and Balack's Cove

As the number of hunters in the Forbidden Grove and Balack's Cove increased, the process of manually moving thousands of hunters to a new location all at once was becoming increasingly problematic. We've given these two areas a slight overhaul to have them behave in a more predictable and functional way!

When hunting in the Forbidden Grove a new custom heads-up display will be visible showing how long until the grove will close. When the heavy stone gates close, the area is filled with a dense black fog and a new mouse, the Realm Ripper will be present. This mouse is extremely weak to Arcane traps and upon being captured will transport the hunter to the Acolyte Realm.

Forbidden Grove heads-up display

Balack's Cove has been given a similar upgrade, where catching a Riptide mouse will wash the hunter out into the Jungle of Dread. When hunting in the cove a custom heads-up display is also displayed showing the current height of the tides. The tides have three possible heights; Low, medium and high. During low tide no Riptide mice are present, during medium tide the Riptides become abundant and finally during high tide only Riptide mice can be encountered. Low tide lasts the longest, while high tide is very short. Due to the Riptide mice concentrating their power on raising the tide, they're a little weaker than they were before. A new mouse has also been added to the cove that can only be encountered during low tide to keep a similar variety of the mice you can catch in Balack's Cove.

Balack's Cove heads-up display

Search Filters for Profile Collection Items

Search filters, similar to the mice stat page have been added to item collections on hunter profiles. By clicking the links in the top-right corner you can view items you have collected, have yet to collect, or all. Any item you do not own will have a black and white thumbnail, while items you do own will be in full-colour.

Small limited edition badges have also been added to thumbnails to remove confusion about what is limited edition and what items may return during future events. Limited edition items do not count in the main totals (which are shown on the tabs). However, if you do collect a LE item, it will be shown separately within parenthesis.

Other small but exciting updates!

  • By popular demand: quantity has been added to the camp page trap selector.
  • Descriptions have been added for all map pieces.
  • The Dragon Mouse image has been restored to its original landscape dimensions and looks totally awesome!
  • Your title on the heads-up display can now be clicked to view a list of all titles, and what each title unlocks.
  • Hunters can now publish images of mice to albums on their Facebook profile. Click a mouse image on the mouse page to check it out.
  • The PartyBot was missing the limited edition badge.
  • Fixed a problem where catch stats for Chess Master and Tower King mice were being recorded in the Seasonal Garden instead of Zugzwang's Tower.
  • Fixed a problem where trap effectiveness was not displayed correctly for Pawn Pincher traps until the page was refreshed.

-- Dave Vanderburg

Back To School Sale! - Sept 17, 2010

17 September 2010

Hi MouseHunters!

Now that many of you are settled into classes and the rest of the back-to-school specials are over in your local stores, we figured we'd buck the trend, and give it to you WHILE you're with your friends at school! (I mean, who likes using SB+ alone anyways?!?).

Until monday at 5pm EDT, we'll be offering SB+ at 15% off. We rarely ever do this (in fact, it's only happened once before...) so if you're in the market for SuperBrie+, I'd highly recommend you get some quick.

In case you're unaware of what SB+ does, it's a cheese that attracts mice to your trap nearly 100% of the time...(REPEAT: I said NEARLY ;) Go ahead, try it out by buying some, or get some given to you from a friend. You'll see the difference it makes nearly immediately.

Enjoy the lower prices!

-- Joel Auge