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Archive for updates taken place in February of 2011 in Reverse Chronological Order.
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Recent Maintenance

25 February 2011

Hey hunters!

We recently did an update to improve how the game communicates with Facebook. A couple unexpected things came up during that update that caused the game to be unavailable for a few minutes.

We're still ironing out a few small problems. In the meantime you may notice some pages not loading properly, or an occasional scrollbar along the side of the game.

Thanks for your patience while we fix the affected pages.

Happy hunting!

-- Dave Vanderburg

Heart of the Rabbit Party Comes to an End

22 February 2011

The Heart of the Rabbit Party has come to an end. The unique event mice have left, but will return next year. The party was a small one, but was still full of love and celebration! If you have unused Valentine Charms, you are still able to share them with friends.

Hope everyone enjoyed the party. Happy hunting!

-- Dave Vanderburg

Heart of the Rabbit Party

10 February 2011

Valentines and Lunar New Year Mice

The party is in the Town of Gnawnia and Training Grounds

New charms and collectibles

Festive Mice in the Town of Gnawnia and Training Grounds

With Lunar New Year celebrations already underway and Valentine's Day just around the corner, it seems some new mice have shown up to celebrate! These event mice include: The Costumed Tiger, Costumed Rabbit, Red Envelope, Cupid, Juliyes, Romeo and Romeno. Some of them are even dropping unique loot, and there is rumor that a few other mice in Furoma may be as well.

The Festive Gift Shoppe Returns

The Festive Gift Shoppe has returned! You can visit the shoppe by clicking the gift button at the very top of the game. There are several gifts available to celebrate both Lunar New Year and Valentine's Day, so make sure to stop by the Festive Gift Shoppe and send a friend something special!

Two New Charms

Two new charms can now be found as loot from some of the special event mice.

Valentine's Charm

Bursting with affection, this charm gives a 25% attraction bonus! Valentine's Charms can be found as loot and can be shared with friends by visiting the give to friends page.

Lucky Rabbit Charm

These charms are made from 100% naturally shed fur from a rabbit's hind leg. Lucky Rabbit Charms can be found as loot and give +6 luck!

New Festive Gift Basket

Heart of the Rabbit Gift Basket

To celebrate the Heart of the Rabbit Party a special gift basket is available that contains 200 SUPER|brie+ and provides the Lucky Golden Shield for 1 month when opened. The basket also has 3 Valentine Charms and 3 Lucky Rabbit Charms as a festive bonus!

-- Dave Vanderburg