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Archive for updates taken place in January of 2011 in Reverse Chronological Order.
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Charm Pack #1 Released

25 January 2011

Charm Pack #1 Released!
Seven new, craftable charms
More sellable items for the Marketplace

Moustachio's Secret of Crafting Charms

At last, Moustachio is sharing his secret of how to craft charms! The process involves two new, unique crafting items: Charmbits and Orbs.

Charmbits are a strange combination of science and magic. They are impossibly small particles that hold the magical effect each charm has. The amount of Charmbits needed to craft a charm vary depending on what specific charm you are making. Moustachio sells Charmbits at his shoppe in the Mountain for 25 gold each.

Orbs are made from special glass and act as a container for Charmbits. There are four different grades of Orb, which are: Flawed, Simple, Flawless and Divine. More powerful charms require a higher grade of Orb. Mice have stolen Moustachio's supply of orbs, so if you're looking to find some you'll have to hunt specific breeds. Orbs are somewhat scarce and can be hard to find, however, they are tradable on the Marketplace.

Types of Orbs

It is important to remember that all orbs are tradable on the marketplace. If you find orbs you don't need, consider selling them on the marketplace for some extra gold. If you need a lot of orbs, visit the marketplace to buy some from other players.

Flawed Orb
The lowest grade of orb -- used in crafting rudimentary, low-power charms.
Dropped by a few of the mice indigenous to the Gnawnia region.

Simple Orb
Made of regular glass -- used in crafting medium-strength charms.
Dropped by a variety of mice in several locations.

Flawless Orb
Made of quality glass -- used in crafting high-strength charms.
Dropped by a few mice in the Kingdom.

Divine Orb
Made of enchanted crystal -- used in crafting the most powerful charms.
Hard to find, dropped by strong or rare mice.

The type of Orb needed depends on the type of charm being crafted. In general, more powerful charms require a higher grade of orb while less powerful charms require a lower grade of orb. Some orbs are hard to find, so remember to check marketplace frequently to see if other hunters are selling any.

Newly Discovered Charms

All seven of these new charms are tradable on the marketplace.

Rotten Charm
Made from rotten pieces of dried up cheese, this charm's funky odour adds power to your trap by causing a mouse to become slightly queasy right as they attempt to steal your bait. This powerful stench is also known to penetrate bait, increasing the chance of it turning stale.

Super Rotten Charm
Imbued with rock-hard Stale SUPER|brie+, this charm emits a powerful stench that puts a mouse into a severely disorientated state. The intense odour also increases the chance of your bait turning stale should you fail to attract a mouse.

Prospector's Charm
With a center of hard meteorite, this mining charm provides +200 power and a 1% power bonus to your trap. When used in the Mountain, this charm's prospecting ability attracts more Gold and Diamond mice. When used alongside SUPER|brie+ in the Mountain, these charms also increase the attraction of Silvertail mice.

Antiskele Charm
This charm is packed with concentrated Radioactive Sludge, which is highly corrosive to bone. Skeleton Mice in the Catacombs fear these charms and will stay clear of your trap while you have one armed.

Scientist's Charm
Powered by small fragments of Living Shard, this technologically advanced charm is scientifically engineered to increase both the chance of mice dropping Radioactive Blue Potions, as well as the quantity dropped while hunting in the Burroughs' Laboratory.

Empowered Anchor Charm
This charm is created by bonding Charmbits with Scrap Metal to forge a mighty anchor that increases the stability of a trap's weapon, providing a significant power bonus. The anchor also prevents being washed out of Balack's Cove when capturing a Riptide Mouse.

Dragonbane Charm
This charm acts as a hidden surprise to any Dragon Mice bold enough to come near your trap. When activated, the charm bursts out a jarring cold blast of air, strong enough to disable the Dragon's molten breath, making the Dragon easier to catch. This charm is only consumed when a Dragon Mouse is encountered.

MouseHunt Charm Pack #1 Now Released!
Visit the Marketplace over the next few days to see what orbs and charms other hunters are selling!
Hang out on the forums today to discuss new charm crafting recipes!

-- Dave Vanderburg

Ronza has Left Gnawnia

19 January 2011

Ronza has left Gnawnia!
Moustachio is preparing to share the secret of crafting charms

Ronza's Departure

Ronza has left Gnawnia to return to exploring the world for rare traps and items! Although no one knows when she'll return again, Ronza hopes it won't be too long! She will be visiting far off lands searching for new traps and shiny buckets of chrome paint.

Hope Mouse in Action!

The Hope Mouse is altruistic by nature, wanting only to help others, be they human or mouse. The King has been so touched by the selflessness of these mice that he has sent out a decree. If any hunter should catch a Hope Mouse, dust him off and send him on his way, as he's likely off to do some good in the world.

Recent flooding in Australia, Brazil, Philippines and Sri Lanka have sprung this mouse into action! Many organizations, such as the Queensland Government, are currently helping out. Please consider giving them your support.

Hope mice can be found in a handful of locations across the Kingdom, including the Town of Gnawnia, S.S. Huntington II, Cape Clawed and more.

Moustachio's Charming Secret

Moustachio holds the secret of how to craft charms and is preparing to share that secret with hunters, as well as provide some of the required materials at his charm shoppe in the Mountains. Watch the news section for the release of the first charm pack, which will include several new charms with unique properties. Many crafted charms will be tradable on the marketplace!

MouseHunt Charm Pack #1 -- Coming Soon!

-- Dave Vanderburg

Ronza Leaves this Wednesday!

18 January 2011

Ronza leaves this Wednesday
She'll be leaving at approximately 3pm EST (8pm GMT)

This is your last chance to visit her shoppe!

Ronza's Departure

Ronza will be leaving Wednesday, January the 19th at approximately 3pm EST (8pm GMT). If you are at her shoppe after it closes, you will be relocated to the Meadow. If you have yet to visit her shoppe, make sure you do so before she leaves. Most of the items she sells will be never be sold again, anywhere.

Last Chance to Claim Your Ronza Voucher

Once Ronza leaves, you will no longer be able to exchange your voucher from the 2010 Great Winter Hunt for her crate of Ultimate Luck Charms. These charms add +20 luck to your trap, making them very useful when hunting tough mice or seeking rare loot. Make sure to stop by Ronza's Shoppe soon if you have yet to redeem your voucher.

Moustachio's Charm Shoppe

As a reminder, Moustachio's Charm Shoppe is a permanent addition to the Mountains. The Pine Charm Conduit, Power Charm, Attraction Charm and Luck Charm will continue to be sold by Moustachio. His supply of First Ever Charms, however, is beginning to dwindle. Make sure to pick up a few First Ever Charms before Moustachio sells out.

Now that Moustachio has settled into his new home in the Mountains, he is getting ready to reveal the secret of crafting charms and teach hunters how to make their own unique charms! Look for several new charms to be released soon, many of which can be crafted and exchanged on the marketplace.

Visit Ronza's Traveling Shoppe before she leaves!

Her Limited Edition items will never be sold again

Click here to view your map and travel now!

-- Dave Vanderburg

Ronza Returns with Moustachio the Charmer

12 January 2011

Ronza Returns with Moustachio the Charmer

Ronza Returns to Gnawnia!

Moustachio the Charmer arrives with her!

Redeem your Ronza Voucher and browse her rare items!

Prepare for a whole new way to hunt mice!

Ronza Returns from her search for Moustachio the Charmer!

For over a year Ronza was searching the globe for the long-lost Moustachio, a wise researcher and retired trapsmith. After years of research, Moustachio has perfected a new trap component called Charms. With his return to Gnawnia, he now resides in the Mountains where he sells this new type of trap component to hunters.

Charms are a magical trap component that add unique stat bonuses to your trap and are consumed as you hunt. Visit his Charm Shoppe in the Mountains to learn more.

Ronza's Traveling Shoppe now open!

Ronza found more than Moustachio in her travels, with her she has also brought a stock of rare and unique items to sell to the hunters of Gnawnia. Ronza will be here for only one week and many of her items will never be sold again, so make sure to stop by her shop to browse.

In an effort to have as many hunters at the ready as possible, the King now allows hunters to purchase traps before they meet the point requirement, however, you WILL NOT be able to arm the trap until you have reached the required points. Keep this in mind while browsing Ronza's Shoppe.

Crate of Ultimate Luck Charms

Redeem your Ronza Voucher from the 2010 Great Winter Hunt for this crate of Moustachio's Ultimate Lucky Trap Charms! In order to use the charms, you'll first need to visit Moustachio's Charm Shoppe in the Gnawnia Mountains to purchase a new piece of equipment that allows your trap to use charms. Your trap will have a +20 luck bonus while having an Ultimate Luck Charm armed, but one will be used each time you encounter a mouse. Use them wisely hunters!

Pneumatic Tube Trap

This physical trap has an impressive 18 luck as well as a whopping 20% power bonus! The Pneumatic Tube Trap makes a great trap for newer hunters looking to increase their loot drops while catching more mice! Make sure to keep arms and legs clear while the vacuum tube is active!

Rewers Riposte

A very impressive tactical trap featuring droids trained by one of the Kingdom's most devoted hunters. Purchase this trap to enjoy an impressive 25 luck, which is sure to come in handy in Furoma, Whisker Woods, Nerg Plains and more!

Arcane Blast Trap

The Arcane Blast Trap is the first ever limited-edition arcane weapon and has the highest luck bonus of any arcane weapon. This mysterious trap uses concentrated energy to blast mice to another realm.

The Bacon Base

This polycarbonate slab is cleverly painted to have the look of bacon! Its inciting design gives the base a high attraction bonus of 15% making it a great base for the beginning MouseHunter.

The Seasonal Base

Carved from the magical soil of Zugzwang's Seasonal Garden, this base features an impressive 6 luck and 8% attraction bonus. The Seasonal Base also has a unique camouflage property that gives it an additional 18% power bonus within the Seasonal Garden, a handy property for Lord and Lady MouseHunters seeking to capture a Chess Master Mouse.

The Runic Base

For your everyday hunting needs, the Runic Base has 5 luck and a high power bonus of 12%. However, perhaps its most useful property is that it begins to glow while in Bristle Woods. The glowing runic symbols increase both the chances of a mouse dropping Runes, as well as adding a small chance of receiving an extra Rune.

Tiki Base Blueprints

These are very special blueprints, drawn by Ronza herself. She plans to frequently sell them when she visits, and the King has agreed to allow the blueprints to be exchanged in the marketplace both during and after Ronza's visit. Due to the limited supply she makes for each visit, Ronza will not sell the blueprints to any hunter who already owns 5 copies. The blueprints outline how to upgrade the Tribal Base into a Tiki Base, which has a +6 luck bonus when hunting in Cape Clawed, Elub Shore, Nerg Plains and Derr Dunes.

Rockstar Mice Aboard Ronza's Ship

Rockstar mice are partying aboard Ronza's Ship! Their bait preference is Rockforth, a flavour of cheese packed with rock n' roll spirit! Ronza usually has a few crates of Rockforth Cheese in her cargo holds, however, it is frequently raided by the mice while she is distracted during her landing procedures. By hunting the mice on her ship, you'll be able to find some Rockforth Cheese to hunt for a Rockstar.

New Trap Shrink Ray Trap

A new trap for begining MouseHunters is now available for both purchase and from the King's Prize Shoppe. The Shrink Ray Trap has 1,000 power, no point requirement and shrinks mice to miniature in second flat!

Meet Moustachio the Charmer!

As a young trapsmith, Moustachio was a trusted friend of the King. Upon retiring from the trapsmith profession, Moustachio went on a journey to research a new type of trap component he called "Charms". Moustachio has successfully completed his research and has returned to Gnawnia where he now resides in the Mountains and sells these new trap charms.

Visit Moustachio's Charm Shoppe in the Mountains and purchase a Pine Charm Conduit to add to your trap. Upon purchasing the conduit, it will be added to your trap and you are now capable of using charms!

Moustachio is currently selling a few basic charms that can increase the power, attraction and luck of your trap. Charms are consumed as you hunt. Pay attention to the "consumed upon" stat of each charm to know exactly when it will be used.

There is much more to charms than what is currently available! In time, Moustachio may share the secret of how to craft your own charms that have unique abilities.

-- Dave Vanderburg

The Great Winter Hunt has Ended

6 January 2011

The Festive Comet has Melted!

The Great Winter Hunt Comes to an End

With the melting of the Festive Comet, this year's Great Winter Hunt has come to an end. Squeaker Claws has been defeated and the the Great Winter Star is once again safe!

Although the Explosive Toboggan Ride trap can no longer be purchased, if you have the trap and the all of the upgrade pieces you can craft it anytime in the future.

Ronza Navigational Update

The telescope at the Burrough's Laboratory has been unsually busy with hunters searching the distant skies for Ronza's airship. One hunter spotted a faint outline, but after cleaning the lens on the telescope the blurry spec in the sky mysteriously disappeared.

Keep your eyes on the sky and hope for a tailwind!

We hope everyone enjoyed the 2010 Great Winter Hunt!
Tell us what you thought of the event in the comment box below!

-- Dave Vanderburg

Great Winter Hunt Ends Soon

4 January 2011

The Great Winter Hunt Ends Soon!
The Festive Comet will be gone on Thursday, January 6th

The Great Winter Hunt Is Coming to an End

The Festive Comet is quickly melting. Digby Scientists have estimated the comet will be entirely melted sometime on Thursday, January 6th. Have questions about what will happen with items, loot, etc? Then, you're in the right place!

The Explosive Toboggan Ride Trap

When the Festive Comet is gone, the Trapsmith there will disappear too! If you have the items required to purchase the Explosive Toboggan Ride from the Trapsmith at the Festive Comet, make sure to claim your trap before the end of the Great Winter Hunt. Once the Trapsmith is gone, you will no longer be able to aquire the Explosive Toboggan Ride.

The Double Diamond Adventure Trap

Once the Festive Comet is gone, you will no longer be able to hunt for the loot items required to build the Double Diamond Adventure Trap. If you have all the required items, but cannot yet craft the trap due to a lack of crafting slots or points, you will be able to craft the trap at anytime in the future so long as you have the required parts.

Seasoned Gouda

Seasoned Gouda is perfectly spiced to attract strong mice within the chilly climate of the Festive Comet. Take caution not to imbue more Seasoned Gouda than you need and make sure you use up your remaining Seasoned Gouda while the Festive Comet is still in Gnawnia. Once the comet has melted away, you'll need to save any left over Seasoned Gouda for the next Great Winter Hunt.

Frozen Fromage

If you have any Frozen Fromage in your inventory, now is the time to thaw it and use the Nutmeg Cheese. Squeaker Claws will be gone until next year and no other mice will be attracted to Nutmeg Cheese. Frozen Fromage will not have a use after the end of the Great Winter Hunt, so make sure you thaw any you have left and use up the Nutmeg Cheese.

Festive Trap Skins

Festive Trap skins (Icy RhinoBot and Clockapult of Winter Past) will soon be gone until next year. The skins will still be tradable on the marketplace.

What Happens If I Remain in the Festive Comet?

On Thursday, January 6th, the Festive Comet location will change to a vacant lot with only a few common mice to hunt. You'll be able to travel away at anytime via the travel page. At some point, the King will move all hunters remaining in the vacant lot to the Meadow.

The Great Winter Hunt ends January 6th, 2011
Make sure to head to the Festive Comet and sound your horn!
Happy Holiday Hunting!

-- Dave Vanderburg